“Brace For Violent 2023 Polls”

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE should brace for a violent 2023 election, political players and analysts have said.

Zimbabwe is set to have a harmonised election before July 2023 with the electorate heading to the polls to select presidential, members of parliament and council representatives.

However, political players said judging from the skirmishes that was experienced during the run up to the just ended by-elections, the country will witness a spike in political violence and murders in 2023.

Former University of Johannesburg post doctoral candidate and renowned political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said the ruling party will resort to its old tactics of killing and maiming opponents.

“Zanu PF was beaten by a barely two months baby- the Citizens for Coalition Change. They know that with a political playing field that is free and fair; people will not vote for them. Let’s brace for a violent rigged election in 2023,” he said.

Ideas Party of Democracy leader Herbert Chamuka who sees his party gaining ground in 2023 said it was folly and foolish for the Chamisa led CCC to take party in the by-elections as it has exposed them to Zanu PF.

“IDP did not take part in this election because we knew that we were going to give Zanu PF ammunition and intelligence of knowing their limitations. Now they know that they are going to lose election and they will resort to violence,” he said.

Chamuka said his party was going far away in terms of planning and strategies.

“There are many lawyers in CCC and they lack the technical expertise that is why they are not going to rule. The party should have technocrats,” he said.

Zimbabwe is one of the problem child of SADC churning out disputed elections since its independence in 1980.

Since the formation of a vibrant opposition in 1999, Zanu PF has resorted to violence and election rigging to retain power.