BREAKING: Drama as ‘Zanu PF thugs’ abduct 20 Chamisa supporters at Moreblessing Ali funeral, chase relatives away

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By Mary Taruvinga, Senior Reporter

ZANU PF supporters allegedly ran amock at CCC activist Moreblessing Ali’s funeral wake Monday, abducting at least 20 opposition members and chasing her relatives away after hijacking proceedings.

Information gathered by a team which visited the Ali home revealed there were clashes early Monday morning as suspected Zanu PF thugs violently took over proceedings at the funeral.

The Ali homestead was dead silent, with no mourning or singing as is the norm at Zimbabwean funerals.

Women gathered in small groups, murmuring in hushed voices, while a few men stood by the roadside, very close to the home.

Mourners gathered at the Ali homestead

Family lawyer Job Sikhala said Ali’s family members been chased away.

“The family is currently at my office, they have all been chased away from their home by Zanu PF thugs,” said Sikhala.

Opposition CCC confirmed on Twitter, abduction of the 20 women.