MDC Alliance declares victory, Biti claims Chamisa assassination plot by VP Chiwenga

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By Staff Reporter

THE MDC Alliance has declared victory in Monday’s election and has placed a demand for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to announce the results almost immediately fearing the poll outcome could be manipulated by the electoral authority.

At a media briefing Tuesday, MDC Alliance co-principal Tendai Biti also claimed Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has ordered his assassination and that of alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa.

“We have also received very confidential reports that General Chiwenga has issued an order for the assassination of President Nelson Chamisa and myself; we don’t accept that,” Biti said.

Asked if he had any evidence to that, Biti responded, “We cannot disclose our sources but it is fact. We have to protect our sources.”

Biti said they were not afraid of “this threat from Chiwenga”.

The former finance minister said that Chamisa has won the election while accusing ZEC of deliberately delaying the formal announcement of the poll outcome when in fact, they had all the information.

Biti was adamant there was no reason to keep delaying the announcement when the entire voting process had been completed by 3 am Tuesday morning.

He urged ZEC to make the formal declarations at command centres as was required by the law.

“The results show beyond reasonable doubt that we have won this election and that the next President of Zimbabwe is Advocate Nelson Chamisa,” he said, while basing his assertions on information delivered by their poll agents who were deployed at different polling stations across the country.

“We know that it is in these periods of delay and uncertainty that merchants of chaos, that bishops of electoral fraud will do their own things.

“So, we are calling upon ZEC to immediately comply with the law and start making formal declarations at constituencies as is required by the law.”

Biti said there were plans to file an urgent court application to force the production of V11 forms which carry information on poll results.

ZEC started announcing its first set of results after 4pm Tuesday.

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