Mugabe says wanted Sekeramayi as successor, will vote Chamisa, denies Dzamara abduction

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER President Robert Mugabe has spoken his heart out over his November ouster, telling a media conference this Sunday that he was removed from power in a military coup when he had in fact, made up his mind to resign during a Zanu PF elective conference that was held a month later.

Mugabe said at his Blue Roof private residence he never ever attempted to surrender power to his wife, Grace but had identified then Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi as his successor.

Zimbabwe’s long serving leader, who was in good spirits, said he had even confided in then South African President, Jacob Zuma that Sekeramayi had been his choice.

He described as “utter nonsense”, claims by the Mnangagwa administration that he wanted the former First Lady to succeed him. He said he resigned “to avoid bloodshed” and “to avoid conflict between the army and the people”.

The former State leader spoke passionately about the country having regressed democratically as a result of the coup, saying the country was being led by “terrorists”.

Mugabe said he was being hounded by the new regime saying friends and relatives were now reluctant to visit him as they were often trailed by State agents who go on to interrogate them over what they would have discussed with him.

“I was regarded now as an enemy but if a coup was to project the outcome that I am treated now, as an opponent, opponent of those in government; persons will not be allowed to visit me if anyone came and was allowed to pass through the gate afterwards, he was asked what we discussed, ‘what did he say’…”

He added, “Relatives harassed, properties taken from them, why? Cases, nonsensical cases, completely absurd…and they were actually arrested, why arrested…”

The 94-year-old veteran politician, vowed he will not vote for people who have “tormented” him.

Mugabe denied meeting MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa after his ouster, let alone funding his campaigns as was widely believed but said he will vote for him anyway, confirming what the young presidential hopeful has been bragging about that he has Mugabe’s vote guaranteed.

He denied having a hand in the 2015 disappearance of activist, Itai Dzamara saying “I did not see the harm he had done”.

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