UPDATED: One Dead, 17 injured As Violent Zanu PF Militia Attacks Chamisa Supporters

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Reporter

ONE person died while 17 were seriously injured and taken to hospital after a machete wielding gang allegedly comprising of Zanu PF youths, attacked Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters, and broke up a hugely attended rally in Kwekwe Sunday afternoon.

They used machetes to heck Chamisa’s supporters and pelted them with empty beer bottles and bricks, leaving scores nursing serious injuries.

Images and visuals coming from the venue show the scared crowd disintegrating.

The attack occurred just as CCC president Nelson Chamisa was delivering his speech to the crowd.

Chamisa could be heard shouting: “Those who are causing violence are not our people, they don’t belong to us.”

But the attack continued relentlessly.

An announcer who immediately took over from Chamisa could be heard encouraging the party youths to retaliate.

“All youths please fight back,” he shouted, but they appeared to be completely overrun.

The youths however managed to fight back and repelled the marauding gang.

CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere disclosed that one person died after the was pierced by a spear.

Sadly, one person has suffered fatal injuries at the #YellowKwekwe where Zanu PF unleashed an orgy of violence in the middle of President Chamisa’s speech. The deceased (name withheld) was pierced in the side. The Zanu PF thug used a spear. Rest In Peace,” Mahere said in a Twitter post.

She added: “Many who had attended the #YellowKwekwe rally have been rushed to hospital after suffering serious injuries caused by ZANU PF thugs. We condemn the use of violence by Zanu PF. The regime is afraid of its people & says it will crush the citizens like lice.”

This comes barely day after his Gokwe rally was abandoned after his supporters were teargassed and beaten by police who insisted the rally had been banned a High Court authorising it.

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