Bride cleans hubby’s bank accounts, changes Range Rover ownership during honeymoon

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By Court Reporter

A new bride turned vulture for her husband’s wealth after she allegedly fraudulently changed ownership of the man’s assets when the couple was on a honeymoon in the United States of America, a Harare court has heard.

Christina Hamiton was dragged to court by her husband to answer to several fraud and theft charges.

The matter was heard before Harare magistrate, Victoria Mashamba.

Her complainant husband, Alexander Tarasana Guni is a medical doctor who lives in Harare’s Vainona Suburb and is owner of Chrylex Medical investments.

Prosecuting, Idah Maromo said Hamiton was employed by Guni and she never stayed with him despite the fact that they were married.

Court heard that while the couple was on its honeymoon in the States August 2014, Hamiton fraudulently changed the ownership of a brand new Range Rover with the intention to permanently deprive her husband of his car which was registered in his company’s name.

It is further alleged a month after the honeymoon, Hamiton went to her husband’s place pretending she wanted to use her office since she was also employed there.

Court heard she rarely reported for work so the keys to her office were kept by the receptionist.

Prosecutors allege she got into the office and stole a safe cabinet which contained $48,000 in cash.

Her husband only discovered the offence two days later after visiting the office.

Court heard his first suspect was his wife since she was the only person who knew that he had placed money in that safe.

During the period, she was also given the company’s debit card and she allegedly siphoned over $48,000 from the bank account on the pretext she was carrying out company projects.

It however turned out she did not purchase a single item or carry out any project for the company as promised.

Court heard she never provided the company’s accountant with proof in the form of receipts.

Guni came to know of the offence after he was phoned by the bank over successive withdrawals.

On another occasion, Hamiton allegedly took $3,000 in petty cash and squandered it.

It is alleged that only her and Guni had keys to the cash box which contained the cash.

She also allegedly stole her husband’s identity and academic certificates as well as certificates of his children and dumped them in her flat which she abandoned over accrued rentals without informing estate agents who were in charge of the place.

Guni only got his identity cards after he was called by Hamiton’s friend.

Investigations pointed to her as the suspect and according to the State, Hamiton was caught in possession of the safe before breaking it open.

Her trial starts this Friday.

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