Britain runs a Nazi-like army- Russia

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AFP– Vladimir Putin’s defence minister has compared the British army to Nazi Germany, as relations between Russia and the West continued to deteriorate. 

Sergei Shoigu claimed British troops had started to use Russian-made tanks and Russian military uniforms in training exercises to designate the enemy.

The general also dubbed Nato exercises “anti-Russian” and said the military alliance had doubled the intensity of its training drills, reports AFP.

“The last time this training method was used was by Nazi Germany during the Second World War,” he said. 

“None of the exercises held by foreign states has passed unnoticed.”

His comments were made during a meeting of senior officials at the Russian defence ministry.

An army spokesman told AFP that claims British forces had used Russian-made tanks and Russian uniforms were “not true”. 

“The British Army uses a number of generic ‘enemy’ forces in order to train for potential circumstances,” the spokesman added. 

“They are only, ever, specific during a mission rehearsal exercise such as those for recent Afghan and Iraqi campaigns.”

Russia has revealed plans for major military expansion in 2017, with its army expected to receive an extra 900 tanks. 

Although Donald Trump has previously been full of praise for Mr Putin, the President-elect has also said he is willing to engage in a new nuclear “arms race” once he takes office