Broke Byo City Council proposes adopt a road scheme to firms, $700 m needed to rehabilitate the network

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THE financially crippled Bulawayo City Council has proposed to introduce a scheme that will see companies or individuals adopting portions of the city’s road network and rehabilitating it, at no cost to the local authority.
The ‘Adopt-A-Road’ scheme, will reportedly “save Bulawayo ratepayers millions of dollars every year whilst providing participants a great opportunity by giving back to their community and be leaders in promoting civic responsibility and community pride”.
The local authority has been failing to maintain its 2100km road network, with about 70% of the network in need of rehabilitation.
In the latest council report, the Director of Engineering Services, Engineer Simela Dube, said the condition of the city’s road network continued to deteriorate due to ageing and lack of timely maintenance activities.
To that end, Engineer Dube said the proposed scheme has already gathered traction, with some companies approaching council to adopt certain portions of the road.
“The ‘Adopt-A-Road’ Scheme was intended to help to maintain and beautify sections of the City of Bulawayo’s road network through community members volunteering to sponsor and/or undertaken road maintenance and rehabilitation works at no cost to Bulawayo City Council,” reads the report.
According to the report, an adopted site may be one kilometre or as agreed between Bulawayo City Council and the applicant. The ‘Adopt-A-Road’ Scheme agreement shall be for a period as agreed between Bulawayo City Council and the applicant.
The local authority will need about $700 million to rehabilitate its entire road network, while government says it needs approximately $5 billion to rehabilitate its entire road network.