Brother seeks to stop distribution of late Johane Marange High Priest Noah Taguta’s Ornaments

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By Felix Matasva, Manicaland Correspondent

THE late Johane Marange Apostolic sect leader, Noah Taguta’s traditional ceremonial estate disbursement slated for the weekend is under legal challenge from surviving sibling, Clemence Momberume, can reveal.

Momberume, who has laid claim to the clan’s patriarchy, is battling to assert his authority over the extended family.

Despite the High Court granting him an interim interdict barring burial of Taguta at a sacred shrine in Mafararikwa Village, the late high priest was buried the same day Momberume received the favourable judgement.

His lawyer, Passmore Nyakureba, on Thursday wrote to the Tagutas through their lawyers, Mupindu Legal Practitioners, warning them of their continued violation of the rights of his client.

In his latest legal assault,  Momberume reminded the family that it had already violated a standing court order by burying Taguta at the sacred shrine, and instructed his brothers, Saratiel Taguta and Titos Taguta, to stop the ceremony meant to distribute the late cleric’s property.

In the letter gleaned by, Momberume’s lawyers highlighted that Momberume is the only one allowed to direct the ceremony by virtue of being the patriarch.

Taguta further warned the duo that their continued violations were going to put them in a risk of extra charges.

“In the circumstances, however, and while we await the return date, which is tomorrow, we are advised by our client that yours are planning a traditional ceremony (to be held on Sunday 1 instant) to distribute traditional family ornamental things, which were in possession of the deceased (whom they went on to bury at a site they were debarred by Court, in plain defiance of an order of the court not to do so) and his personal belongings,” he said.

“As you may have already been instructed, our client is now the Momberume family patriarch following the death of Noah Taguta Momberume, whose burial he sought to be done in accordance with the family culture, norms and values. He has not called for that ceremony, which he must preside over as the patriarch. It is our client, and him alone, who can call for such a ceremony at this juncture.”

The battle for control of the apostolic sect has revealed deep seated factional and sibling feud within the Taguta family.