Bulawayo decommissions another major dam as water woes persist

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

THE Bulawayo City Council Tuesday decommissioned Umzingwane Dam, one of its major water supply sources as the city’s water crisis continues to worsen.

The decommissioning of Umzingwane also follows the recent decommissioning of Upper Ncema.

The city is now left with four supply dams.

The remaining dams are Insiza Mayfair, Inyankuni, Lower Ncema and Mtshabezi.

“The city of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public that Umzingwane dam has been decommissioned with effect from Tuesday, 3 December 2019,” said Nesisa Mpofu, the city council‘s senior public relations officer.

Mpofu said the decommissioning of Umzingwane has resulted in the reduction of the output of raw water to 95 mega litres per day against a current daily average consumption of 131.6 ML per day.

“Currently, there are on-going efforts to increase the pumping from the Nyamandlovu boreholes to at least 5 ML per day and for the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company to speed up on the re-installation of the power supply lines that were blown away by storm winds two weeks ago,” said Mpofu.

She added that the city continues to face challenges with pumping of both raw and clear water as a result of the power cuts.

Mpofu urged residents to conserve water in a bid to match the consumption levels and daily abstraction levels.

The council recently reintroduced the “big flush” system in which residents were encouraged to simultaneously flush their toilets as a way of curbing sewer bursts in the morning between 6am to 6:30 am and in the evening between 8pm and 8:30 pm.