Bulawayo needs US$15 million to fight mosquito

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

THE city of Bulawayo has been hit by an unprecedented outbreak of mosquito which has become a menace to the city.

The current soaring temperatures have been blamed for the outbreak of the blood sucking flies.

Addressing stakeholders in the city this past week, Bulawayo Director of Health Services, Edwin Sibanda said the city needed US$15 million to acquire a mosquito fogging machine to eradicate the parasites.

A mosquito fogger is a machine that is transported on the back of a truck. The vehicle which has a warning light blows fog into the yards where high numbers of mosquito larvae have been recorded.

“The issue of mosquitoes in the city is really a problem. The city needs about US$15 million to buy a mosquito fogging machine to clear adult larvae. Before the scrapping of the multi-currency last year, the machine was affordable but now we cannot afford it,” said Sibanda.

The Director of Health Services said while the local authority has the duty to make sure that the city is mosquito free, central government has the ultimate responsibility to eradicate mosquito breeding sites in the city.

Sibanda urged residents to regularly clean gutters as well as clear stagnant waters within their surroundings.

The city has also run out of chemicals to fumigate areas in areas where the mosquitoes have become a problem.