Bulawayo Town Clerk sacked over water shortages

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

BULAWAYO Acting Mayor, Tinashe Kambarami on Thursday suspended the city’s Town Clerk Christopher Dube over several allegations including abuse of office and failure to deal with the current water crisis.

In a letter dated 11 July 2019, Kambarami also accused the town clerk of failing to implement council resolutions.

“I want to inform you that you are hereby suspended from your duties as Bulawayo City Town Clerk with immediate effect. This suspension is made in terms of Urban Councils Act Section 139 (3) (a) that relates to the conditions of employment of a Town Clerk. This suspension is without benefits and you are hereby ordered to surrender all the council property in your possession,” reads part of Kambarami’s letter.

In the letter, the deputy mayor also accused Dube of failing to address the city‘s current water crisis.

Some residents have gone for more than nine days in the city without water due to refurbishment works at the city’s main water plant.

“As stated in Section 136 (2) (b) that a Town Clerk shall be responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation of the council and the coordination and where necessary the integration of its activities and for the purpose he may after consultation with the head of the department concerned inspect, investigate the working and administration of any department or section thereof either by himself or through any person authorised by him.

“You failure to effectively manage repairs and maintenance works has exposed the city to water borne diseases like cholera and typhoid,” charged Kambarami.

The suspended Town Clerk also stands accused of misappropriating the ward retention funds.

Dube’s suspension follows an extra ordinary full council meeting which was called to discuss the water crisis.

The repairs water plant was initially meant to be closed for a week to allow for repairs but this has now spilled into the third week.