Bulawayo Traders Make Brisk Business From Selling Sanitisers

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

TRADERS in Bulawayo are making a brisk business from selling hand sanitisers in the city following confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country.

Zimbabwe recorded its first coronavirus case Friday last week after a Victoria Falls resident who had recently travelled to the United Kingdom tested positive.

The second victim of the pandemic, Zororo Makamba who had travelled to the US died Monday.

Since the announcement of the two cases of coronavirus in the country, there has been alarm among citizens with people taking precautionary measures to prevent contracting the deadly disease.

One of the common prevention methods being practiced by most people is sanitising hands at regular intervals.
Since the announcement of the disease, hand sanitisers selling business has become an instant hit in Bulawayo.

“I am selling a 750 ml of sanitiser for US$7 or 100 Rands. I import the products from South Africa,” one trader, Agnes Ngwenya said.

“I do not sell my products to individuals, but I sell to big organisations like hotels and bus operators. This evening I will be traveling to South Africa to buy more products,” she added.

However, another hand sanitiser dealer, James Khumalo said his clients were mostly individuals.

“I buy the sanitisers from Chinese shops and resell to individuals. I charge 150 bonds for a bottle. The problem now is that I am no longer able to meet the increasing demand,” he said.

However, most of the sanitizers being sold are not from popular and known brands, raising fears that the products might be counterfeit.