Burmain Properties announces Jeff Sango appointment as UK sales rep

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By Business Reporter

SOUTH AFRICA real estate agency, Burmain Properties, has announced the appointment of UK-based sales representative, Jeff Sango, to service the growing diaspora market.

In a statement, the company said Jeff will “advise, coordinate, facilitate, guide and bring to finality real estate deals and transactions on behalf of international investors and the diaspora looking to purchase income property in South Africa’s thriving market”.

“We are excited to have Jeff as our lead diaspora representative,” said Burmain Properties Managing Director, Eddy Chitokomere.

“Jeff brings with him a wealth of experience and purpose driven commitment and passion to guide you as you make ground-breaking lucrative real estate investments in South Africa, the land of the rising sun.”

According to the company, Jeff believes in building relationships based on understanding our clients’ vision, self-interest and dreams for the future.

Said the real estate firm, “At Burmain Properties, we are not only about transactions. We are about building strong and lasting relationships in the selling of properties.

“The bulk of our sales come from our old customers with a penchant to continuously grow their real estate portfolio and referrals to their family members and friends.

“We look forward to engaging you and being the estate agency of choice for the diaspora community.”

The company said it has successfully concluded sales to the diaspora community adding that Jeff’s appointment signalled its commitment to providing “quality, dependable and reliable services to meet the demands of this booming market”.

In appointing him to the job, Burmain said it took cognisance of Jeff’s’ community work in the diaspora community.

“Jeff worked as a Zimbabwe community organiser with citizens-UK on high profile projects funded by the Princes Diana Memorial Fund.

“He worked with the Commonwealth Foundations on Fellowships which saw more than 10 Zimbabwean doctors and 15 civic society leaders accessing Commonwealth Fellowships in the United Kingdom.

“For about two years Jeff was the Head of marketing and sales for the Diaspora Funeral Insurance, a leading provider of funeral cash in case of bereavement for the diaspora community. He continues to work with mainstream Zimbabwean community groups and churches. Jeff is no stranger to issues at the heart of the Diaspora communities.”