Business tycoon Buyanga named in a US$200k property row 

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By Paul Katanda 

PROMINENT businessman Frank Buyanga has been named in a property row after he bought a house worth US$200 000 fraudulently acquired by one Elias Sawari without suspecting.

This emerged in court recently when Sawari (48) who cheated his friend Godwin Munyama was recently hauled before a Harare magistrate.

Sawari appeared before a Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda who granted him ZW$70 000 bail.

Allegations are that, sometime in 2009  Munyama requested a loan of US$20 000 cash from Sawari and promised to repay the money within a month.

Sawari allegedly gave Munyama the cash as agreed, however things did not go down well as planned as Munyama failed to repay the money in time.

Munyama is alleged to have later given Sawari title deeds to his property namely stand number 183 Northwood Township of Sumben to assure him that he was going to pay the debt.

The court heard that Munyama later settled the loan which he received from Sawari in full and demanded back his title deed.

Sawari is however alleged to have started  giving excuses which caused Munyama to investigate and he found out that Sawari had fraudulently transferred the stand to himself.

Munyama’s investigations later revealed that the stand was sold to Buyanga without his knowledge.

He later filed a police report resulting in Sawari’s arrest.

Anesu Chirenje represented the State.