Butchered CCC activist: Police reveal gruesome murder details

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By James Muonwa

GRAPHIC details have emerged indicating how Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Moreblessing Ali met her fate in the most gruesome manner, with her killers strangling her with a cloth before severing her body and stashing remains in a shallow well.
Police said her decomposing remains were found Saturday in Nyatsime, Beatrice in Mashonaland East province.
According to a leaked internal police memorandum, cops first retrieved a 50kg sack containing legs with a pair of black socks, but without shoes.
Later, a whitish upper torso of a woman putting on a long sleeved white T-shirt was pulled out of the disused well.
“The torso was from the waist to the dreaded head and was retrieved. There was a black cloth tied tightly around the neck. Bruises on right cheek and forehead were observed. The left armpit was chopped, but left hand hanging to the torso,” reads the memo.
“The intestines were intact but exposed from underneath the stomach. In the same well a female human body part with breasts was seen floating on the side of the 50kg sack.”
The retrieved remains were positively identified by now deceased person’s relatives.
Circumstances of the matter are that on May 24, 2022 at around 8pm, the now deceased and Kirina Mayironi, both of Nyatsime location, Beatrice and employed by Chitungwiza Municipality as police officers were drinking beer at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre.
At around 9pm the two walked out of the bar and were confronted by Pius Jamba of Plot 321 Dunnotar farm, Beatrice who complained to Ali that her dog was disturbing him, but she ignored him.
This incensed Jamba who drew a catapult from his back pocket and flung an unknown object that mistakenly struck Mayironi on her chin.
As Mayironi fled into the bar she reportedly saw Jamba dragging Ali away.
Mayironi was escorted home by one Washington Mutsviri of Nyatsime, before he returned to the shops with intention to locate Ali and safely take her home.
Mutsviri never found Ali.
The next day around 5pm, Mayironi made a report at ZRP Haradge base Beatrice of a missing person and also filed assault charges against Jamba.
A team of police officers was dispatched to search for Ali, and searches at her residence as well as Chibhanguza shopping centre, nearby rivers and wells were conducted, but all leads did not yield results.
On June 11, 2022 police got information from Constable Abel Chayani to the effect that Laina Mukandi (67) of Plot 321 Dunnotar farm, Beatrice had spotted a suspicious sack containing a smelly material in a disused well at her plot.
ZRP Beatrice attended the scene where the mutilated remains were found and retrieved.
Jamba, who is now wanted for murder, is still on the run.