Buy Zimbabwe disputes low tariffs on basic commodities importation

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

BUY Zimbabwe has expressed concern over the announcement by the government that local industries with free funds can import basic goods at lower tariffs with immediate effect.

The Buy Zimbabwe fosters pride in Zimbabwean products, since its established in 2011.

In a statement, the general manager of Buy Zimbabwe, Alois Burutsa, said local products are said to have occupied at least 75% of shelf space compared to imported goods in the past years.

In this regard, Buy Zimbabwe feels the move is a threat to local industry productions as industries will start importing commodities at low tariffs.

He said the government should prioritise local industries in its policies.

“Buy Zimbabwe is frantically engaging the government to ensure that we do not, in the attempt to manage the currency challenges, come up with positions that reverse the gains made in the last few years in terms of local production and capacity utilisation,” Burutsa said.

“We have belief and confidence that if the local industry is supported by the government, Zimbabwean companies will not only provide products which are cheaper and competitive , but can also satisfy local market demand and the export market,” he said.

The finance ministry on Monday suspended duty on all basic commodities for the next six months.

This followed the recent spike in prices.

Government said the measure is aimed at ensuring access to affordable basic commodities.