Buyanga hangs on to son despite court ultimatum

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By Staff Reporter

BUSINESSMAN Frank Buyanga, embroiled in a bitter fight for the custody of son with ex, Chantelle Muteswa, has vowed to appeal a Thursday High Court ruling ordering him to return the minor within 24 hours.

Buyanga, who is believed to be in Dubai with the five-year-old, insists it was irregular for Justice Jacob Manzunzu to make such a ruling while he was far from the court’s jurisdiction.

He complained this exhibited rampant corruption by judicial officials.

“Mr Sadiqi (Buyanga) has already personally written to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) and the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) in March and beginning of April to lodge a complaint against certain police and court officials to their role in refusing to assist in the return of his son after the kidnapping by Mrs Muteswa,” wrote his lawyers.

“Honourable Justice Manzunzu is one of the officials that Mr Sadiqi lodged a complaint against and he is also the very judge who presided over the hearing in the High Court on April 16 2020 and granted the order that Mr Sadiqi must return his son.

“We find the factor that the honourable judge did not recuse himself from this matter to be peculiar and unethical especially in light of the fact that there was already a complaint lodged against him by a party to the hearing.”

Added the lawyers, “We are further surprised that this order was made whilst Mr Sadiqi is outside of the jurisdiction of the High Court which puts into question the authority and effectiveness of the order.”

Buyanga complained he has been a victim of corruption from various government departments in Zimbabwe before.

He said this was evident in that nothing was done to his ex-girlfriend after he reported her to the police for kidnapping the couple’s son last month against a court order he should enjoy interim custody of the boy.

The battle between Buyanga and Muteswa has been dragging for years.

Muteswa was initially granted sole guardianship of the boy but she lost out after she was evicted from a house she lived with her father.

Buyanga was given interim guardianship on grounds that Muteswa had no accommodation.

He has been with the child since mid-last year.

Muteswa briefly took the boy from Buyanga and it is his argument that she used a fraudulent court order to take the boy from his school in Harare.

He reported the matter but the police did not act on his complaint.

A few days later Buyanga grabbed back the boy in a movie style incident in Harare prompting Muteswa to file the latest court application which Manzunzu upheld.