Buyanga rubbishes Police Commissioner Matanga claims he was fugitive

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By Staff Reporter

BUSINESSMAN Frank Buyanga, currently entangled in a bruising child custody fight with ex-lover Chantelle Muteswa, has described as incredulous and defamatory, claims by Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga that he was a fugitive from justice.

Buyanga said Matanga’s claims were entirely false and bordered on defamation.

Speaking through his lawyer, William Wilcock, the property mogul said he could not be classified as a fugitive when he has not been convicted on any crime in Zimbabwe.

“We find it incredulous and defamatory that Commissioner General Matanga would call Mr Sadiqi a fugitive from justice when he has not been found guilty of any criminal action,” said Wilcock.

Buyanga took custody of the couple’s five-year-old son few weeks ago and left the country with the minor.

Said the businessman’s lawyer, “Further, Comm-Gen Matanga stated, ‘My police officers are investigating this criminal case and efforts to locate either the applicant or the minor child within Zimbabwe have yielded no results’.

“The matter currently before the courts is a civil matter regarding the custody of a five-year-old child.

“It is not a criminal matter and Mr Sadiqi has not been found guilty of any criminal action.

“We, therefore, find the statement by Comm-Gen Matanga to be entirely incorrect and defamatory.”

Wilcock added, “Despite the custody battle not being a criminal matter, Comm-Gen Matanga states that they have approached Interpol in locating Mr Sadiqi.

“We submit that this further points to the unjust treatment of our client by the various government departments, police officials and court officials in Zimbabwe as a result of the political influence being held over these departments.

“We are confident that any approach by Zimbabwe to Interpol will not be entertained as it is baseless and unconstitutional.”

Buyanga’s lawyer further stated that the appeal against Justice Manzunzu’s court order dated 16 April 2020 continues, as does the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic which has locked down most of the world’s international borders, making the 16 April 2020 court order impossible to comply with in any case.

“The current directive that only urgent and bail matters can be filed in the Zimbabwe Supreme Court has taken away Mr Sadiqi’s constitutional right to protection from the law.

“Mr Sadiqi has continuously been a victim of corruption and unjust treatment by various government departments, police officials and court officials in Zimbabwe, but we are confident that Mr Sadiqi will be given a fair hearing in court in which the court order dated 16 April 2020 will be successfully appealed.”

On 30 April 2020, an appeal application was heard in the Zimbabwe High Court in which Buyanga sought the suspension of what he called a ‘strange and misguided’ court order granted against him on 16 April 2020 by Justice Manzunzu.