Buyanga’s AMG doubles COVID-19 relief aid for Zimbabwe to US$10 million

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By Staff Reporter

African Gold Medallion (AMG), founded by Frank Buyanga, has upped its COVID-19 relief aid for Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The AMG’s coronavirus relief support has increased its pledge R25 million for South Africa from the initial R10 million announced last month – which includes providing food and sanitation assistance to the underprivileged in support relief efforts of the government.

The firm, which has bases in South Africa and Zimbabwe, also announced a $5 million aid for Zimbabwe, which now will be doubled to make it $10 million.

The company is donating food aid, sanitisation, and other needs of vulnerable communities in the two countries.

AMG has since made similar donations in ward 105 in Alexandra Township and in Mamelodi in charitable support, primarily directed towards basic needs and hardship relief programmes.

On Wednesday, the company was thanked by Emalahleni executive mayor Linah Malatjie in Mpumalanga (SA) after donating thousands in aid residents in the 160 informal settlements.

Speaking for the mayor’s office John Sikhosana said: “As a nation when things like these happen, we try our best to help. However, with the limited resources we have as a municipality, we were not serving our people the way we wanted to. We then issued a notice for individuals with means or companies to help out. AMG heeded our call and we hope others come onboard as well.

“Most of the people that benefited from the AMG donation are informal workers like hawkers and vendors. The lockdown has hit them very hard and these are desperate times for them.”

AMG CEO Itai Maunganidze said the company looked to join communities in navigating the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic.

He said: “The pandemic continues to affect impoverished communities across South Africa and as an international organisation with corporate responsibility, it is our duty to lend our hand to those in need. President Cyril Ramaphosa has requested all of us to help flatten the curve, this drive-in Emalahleni forms part of that corporate responsibility.”

Maunganidze added: “We are here to lend a hand to a group of South African citizens, the pandemic is affecting the whole world. Our multinational society forces us to unite and stand together against a common challenge.

“We have overcome many obstacles before and together we are stronger and we will again overcome COVID 19.”