Buyanga’s AMG praised by Liberian govt over lockdown donations to migrants

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By Staff Reporter

SOUTH Africa based Zimbabwe businessman Frank Buyanga’s companies – African Medallion Group (AMG) and Hamilton Foundation – have received praise by the Liberian embassy for landing a helping hand to Liberians, who are among different migrant groups experiencing hunger during the Covid-19 induced lockdown in the neighbouring country.

Among some of the donated material to different nationals by AMG are food and items to cater for their sanitary needs.

The different African nationals living in South Africa who have received the kind donation include Cameroonians, DR Congo, Liberians, Nigerians, those from Eswatini, Zambians and Zimbabweans.

“The pandemic continues to affect impoverished communities across the continent and as a multinational organisation with corporate responsibility, it is our duty to lend our hand to those in need,” said Itai Maunganidze, AMG chief executive officer.

“Our leaders have requested all of us, including businesses, to help flatten the curve.

“We are pleased to partner with various entities in the fight against Covid-19 to provide emergency food assistance to those in need.

“These people are suffering not out of their own making but because of the situation they face as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“AMG relief aid will provide the necessary support to some of our most vulnerable people, ensuring that eligible households do not go without sustenance.”

Minister Counsellor at the Liberian embassy in Pretoria, Martin Karpeh, thanked AMG for donating food to over 100 Liberian families living in Yeoville in Johannesburg, saying the gesture was important to African solidarity.

“It’s important what African Medallion Group that is if you look deeper at what has befallen the world,” Karpeh said.

“Citizens of different nations are stranded in different countries and the fact that African Medallion Group was able to identify shows the importance of African unity.

“We are in the African month, which is the month of May. In my view, having the company identify with Liberian community is welcome by the embassy and the Liberian government.”

Equally, Emalahleni executive mayor, Linah Malatjie in Mpumalanga province in South Africa was also full of praise for the company after donating thousands in aid to residents in the 160 informal settlements.

“As a nation when things like this happen, we try our best to help,” Emalahleni mayor said..

“However, with the limited resources we have as a municipality, we were not serving our people the way we wanted to.

“We then issued a notice for individuals with means or companies to help out.

“AMG heeded our call and we hope others come on board as well.

“The lockdown has hit them very hard and these are desperate times for them.”

Most of the people that benefited from the AMG donation are informal workers such as vendors.

According to Maunganidze, AMG will support different communities throughout 2020.

“We are here to land a hand to African citizens, the pandemic is affecting the whole world,” he said.

“Our multinational society forces us to unite and stand together against a common challenge.

“We have overcome many obstacles before and together. We are stronger and we will again overcome COVID 19.”

Launched in 2016, AMG is inspired by a vision of a developed Africa that simplifies wealth, making it easy for individuals to invest in commodities such as gold.

AMG is not letting the Covid-19 crisis go to waste.

Instead, the company is taking advantage of the current chaos to pursue its long-term African dream more aggressively.

Recently, the company pledged coronavirus relief support to the tune of R25 million – which includes providing food and sanitation assistance to the underprivileged in support relief efforts of the government.

At the time of publishing Africa had 18.616 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 32.636 recoveries and 2.751 deaths.