Byo Pig Growers To Built Abattoir To Beat High Slaughter Prices

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

PIG producers in Bulawayo are planning on establishing their own abattoir to cushion themselves from exorbitant slaughter prices charged by private slaughterhouses.

The farmers said they have engaged the Pig Industry Board (PIB) and the Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU) in setting the project.

Leading igneous pig producers in the city, Happson Nkomo told most farmers can no longer afford the stiffer slaughter fees charged by private abattoirs.

“As pig producers, we are seriously considering putting our own resources together and set up our own abattoir,” he said.


“The current slaughter fees we are paying at private abattoirs are no longer sustainable. Private abattoirs are charging us US$2.50 for every pig slaughtered. The amount is too much considering that we also have other costs to settle.”

Nkomo added if the project comes to fruition, pig producers would own the abattoir and it would be member-driven.

“We want the abattoir to be member-driven, it will be wholly owned by indigenous people where each member would be a shareholder.”

Nkomo said the proposed state-of-the-art abattoir would also make it easy for the government to account for taxes and other levies from indigenous pig growers adding that two farms had already been identified for the project.