Byo Residents Call On MDC Alliance To Reign In Corrupt Councillors

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

BULAWAYO Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) has called upon the MDC Alliance to reign in corrupt councilors in local authorities which the party controls.

The residents also implored the party not to impose councilors to the residents during election times.

Speaking at the MDC Alliance’s 22rd anniversary in Bulawayo Saturday, BPRA chairman Ambrose Sibindi said the association values local governance issue more than anything else.

“Residents in Bulawayo, Harare, Masvingo and everywhere have been talking about corruption that is happening among some councilors and we are saying the party must be clear on what to do with corrupt leaders. As residents ,we saying we do not want corrupt leaders.

“Our key issues that we are normally clamoring for and making noise about is the issue of local governance. The party must be clear on current issues. When we are taking about pre- paid water meters the party must be clear. When we are talking about corruption and looting the party must be clear,” said Sibindi.

The BPRA chairperson also expressed concern over the caliber of some councilors whom he said are inept.

He also accused the councilors of crafting anti people policies.

“We have since realized that generally there is a feeling or an attitude of saying that when a leaders are being chosen into different portfolios people tend to specialize in MPs and after getting the best they now say let us go to councilors and then they pick here and there and that alone we believe it works against the party,”

“So as residents, we are saying while the party is popular, let us not abuse residents by giving or imposing some of the leaders that are not pro- people. We really want people who know where they come from and people with a clear track record,” he said.

Sibindi said as long as the Alliance addresses the issue of candidate imposition and corruption in councils, the party is assured of more supporters ahead of the 2023 election.

“In Bulawayo MDC Alliance has got more councilors and in other words it is a more popular party. So if that thing (corruption and imposition) is put right the party will raise.

Responding to Sibindi’s remarks, the Alliance’s president Nelson Chamisa admitted that the party is no longer in charge of councils following the recalling of some councilors by the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC –T.

“That is why you are seeing we are struggling with councilors and MPs. So BPRA, we are doing an audit and we are going to announce to the people most councilors have deserted us and they pretend to be with us when they want favours from the people,” said Chamisa