Cabinet Resolves To Give San Tribesman Jobs In Army, Police, Prisons

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By James Muonwa

IN a bid to foster social inclusivity, Cabinet has ordered the relaxation of entry requirements for members of the marginalised San or Tjwao tribe to be recruited into the uniformed services sector.
The tribesmen are mostly inhabitants of Tsholotsho in Matebeleland North province.
Information, Media and Publicity minister, Monica Mutsvangwa made the announcement during a post-Cabinet briefing in Harare Tuesday.
“Cabinet wishes to inform the nation that the Second Republic has made undertakings to ensure that the right to equality and non-discrimination is realised. Cabinet directed Security ministries waiver the entry requirements to enable San or Tjwao citizens to enlist into the respective uniformed services,” Mutsvangwa said.
The uniformed services sector includes the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS).
The decree by the executive came following a recent interactive meeting between the San community and a ministerial delegation led by Local Government and Public Works minister, July Moyo.
Mutsvangwa said girls in the marginalised San community were experiencing early sexual debuts and falling pregnant while still teenagers, resulting in high numbers of school dropouts.
Cabinet also heard people in Tsholotsho were facing acute food shortages.
“The San or Tjwao citizens suffer food insecurity mainly due to human-wildlife conflict and failure to practice mordern agriculture.”
The delegation also noted the San people were ‘stateless’ as they lacked birth certificates and national identity documents. In order for the attainment of rights as enshrined in Section 56 of the Constitution, which pertains to fairness and non-discrimination on the basis of ethnic or social origin, Cabinet ordered issuance of birth certificates and IDs to local folk.”
“The Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage should instruct Registrar General’s office to issue birth certificates and national identity documents to the inhabitants of the San or Tjwao and similar communities in Zimbabwe who have hitherto been unable to obtain such documentation,” she said.
Developmental programmes such as construction of clinics and schools should be prioritised, and the Finance ministry releasing funds timeously, Cabinet also ordered.
Government will appoint San or Tjwao chiefs and headmen to enhance the participation of locals in governance issues.
Cabinet also directed that proceeds from nature and wildlife conservation programmes should be ploughed back to benefit communities living in areas where there is abundant wildlife.