CALA faces uncertain future – says Education Minister as govt concludes curriculum review exercise

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By Staff Reporter

The country’s education system is poised for a significant overhaul, with curriculum changes set to be implemented as early as February 2024.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare, on Wednesday, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Torerayi Moyo said results from the Continuous Assessment Learning Activities (CALA) curriculum review exercises were now complete.

According to the Minister, the review exercise has been going on since May.

“I am holding here this voluminous book containing results of a curriculum review exercise that has been going on since May.

“We now have the final product and what remains to be done is to take the results to Cabinet on February 6, 2024,” said Moyo.

The CALA system has been a controversial matter with most parents calling for the activities to be scrapped completely.

This announcement marks a significant step in the country’s ongoing efforts to modernize its education system.

The success of these reforms will hinge on their effectiveness in addressing existing challenges and equipping students with the necessary skills for the 21st century.

“There is no way we can introduce the new curriculum to the schools before it is presented to the Cabinet.

“Whether CALA will go, I will say there are going to be some changes. Either we realign CALA or we remove it totally. So that will happen before February 28, 2024,” said the Minister.

Despite numerous concerns from stakeholders within the education fraternity, Moyo said that there was nothing wrong with the CALA while admitting that its implementation was in shambles.

Outspoken Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) is on record saying CALA has increased learning disparities faced by rural pupils as most rural schools lack the infrastructure and resources necessary to administer the contentious curriculum.