Calls for calm amid deadly Ethiopia protests

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Prominent Ethiopian activist and media owner Jawar Mohammed has appealed for calm amid protests in which at least 20 people have been killed.

Demonstrators had camped outside his home in the capital Addis Ababa in a show of solidarity after  Jawar said the police were trying to remove his bodyguards at his house.

The government denied this but protests against Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have continued unabated.

Abiy earlier accused some in the media of promoting ethnic interests over national unity.

Abiy comes from the same ethnic group as  Jawar, who helped organised protests that brought  Abiy to power.

Ethnic clashes are seen as key challenge for the reformist prime minister who was recently awarded a Noble Peace Prize.

On Thursday,  Jawar told hundreds of supporters camped outside his house to clear their barricades.