Calls for the use of beer levy to equip Harare vocational training centres

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By Audience Mutema

HARARE City Council housing committee chair Hammy Madzingira Tuesday urged the capacitation of the city’s vocational training centres through the use of beer levy and any other funding methods.

He was officiating at the VTC/Chinembiri graduation ceremony for some 85 students who had undergone training in interior decoration, cutting and dressmaking, catering, baking and icing, carpentry and joinery, welding and leather work.

“The VTC will require capitalisation in terms of machinery and equipment in order to facilitate the smooth running of production units.

“This will enable the city to generate more income and at the same time preparing the students to fit into the current dynamic industry,” Madzingira said.

In a separate interview with, Madzingira said before the city could think of decentralising its training centres, it must first develop and equip the ones in existence, that is Mbare, Budiriro and Chinembiri.

He said that back in the day, the city used its beer levy to finance its VTCs.

However, a financial scandal rocked the project 2016, leading to its suspension following funds misuse by corrupt individuals.

Madzingira urged the prompt use of an amount of $300 000 that has been set aside for the project for fear the allocation may end up losing value and failing to purchase the desired equipment.

To further empower those who have gone through training, Madzingira also urged council to grant them some contracts in areas to do with the manufacture window frames for schools being built and also supplying uniforms and books and others to schools owned by council.