Canada based Zim author to donate book proceeds to local orphans

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CANADA based Zimbabwean author Matshona Dhliwayo said it was time for him to thank God for the gift of writing He gave him by donating 50% of his book sales to orphanages dotted around the country.
The book is titled Lalibela’s Wisest Man.
The Canadian based Philosopher, Entrepreneur and author has also written a number of books such as The Little Book of Inspiration, Creativity, The Book, 50 Lessons Every Wise Mother Teaches Her Son and 100 Lessons Every Great Man Wants You to Know.
In an interview with this publication from his base, Dhliwayo said donating 50% from the sales of his book is a way of thanking the Creator for the gifts and talents he has given him and also to help ease the suffering of little children.
“There are currently 1, 3 million Aids orphans in Zimbabwe; I asked myself how I would feel if I were in their position,” said Dhliwayo.
“I tried getting them out of my mind for months, but couldn’t.
“Eventually, I gave in and decided to donate 50% of all profits from my book sales to orphanages. I knew it was the right thing to do.”
According to the author, the book is available and can be purchased on line on Amazon.
Lalibela’s Wisest Man’s story is about Christian. When his father dies, Christian is denied his inheritance, disowned by his brothers, and thrown out of the family mansion.
Life takes a terrible turn until he embarks on a life changing trip to Ethiopia to meet Lalibela’s wisest man.