‘Cancer-stricken’ ED ‘assassin’ freedom bid flops again

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By Court Reporter

Self-proclaimed prophet and bogus Central Intelligence Operative (CIO) Guthrie Chirodzero’s bid to escape incarceration flopped for the tenth time after it emerged in court that he was trying to fake liver cancer.

Chirodzero made headlines when he allegedly breached President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s close security in December last year, at one time coming too close to the state leader while armed with a pistol.

When he was arrested, he claimed suffering from cancer, but this was proven otherwise through medical examination.

Chirodzero on Thursday found no reprieve again to be released for treatment when he appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Chigodora.

Prosecutor Michael Reza said Chirodzero was not suffering from any ailment adding that he lied in a bid to be freed by the courts.

Armed with some dodgy document from a private medical practitioner, Reza told court, Chirodzero claimed he had liver cancer and that he had not received treatment since being jailed.

Chirodzero further told a prison doctor before that he was already on treatment for the ailment but documents brought by his family members to purportedly support the claim indicated they were from a general practitioner as opposed to a specialist oncologist.

This prompted prison specialists to conduct their own tests whose results were negative and that he did not have any other cancer ailment.

“He has a clean bill of health and the doctors who examined him are willing to come and testify,” said the prosecutor.

During the hearings, Chirodzero’s lawyer Rumbidzai Venge had remonstrated with the state for allegedly denying his client the right to seek medical treatment.

“The accused person’s medical rights must be ventilated,” he told court then.

Chirodzero was arrested last December after military police discovered that he had positioned himself too close to the President while armed with a pistol.

He was last month denied bail for the umpteenth time by Chigodora despite claiming that he was suffering from liver cancer.

He is facing charges of possession of an offensive weapon at a public gathering, impersonation and forgery.

It is the state’s case that, upon his arrest, Chirodzero was trying to disguise his identity by controlling movement of people during the renaming of King George (KGVI) Barracks to Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks in Harare.

He allegedly sneaked into State House on December 4 during the swearing in of Cabinet ministers.

Chirodzero allegedly impersonated a state security agent and was even spotted near the podium controlling traffic.

The State further alleged military personnel also established that Chirodzero was a bogus CIO operative and he had a 38mm special Amando Rossi South African revolver with three live rounds of ammunition and two spent cartridges.

The matter was postponed to August 21.