‘Cape Town Anti-Zim Xenophobic Attacks Contained’

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By Staff Reporter

THE Zimbabwean government has claimed  xenophobic attacks targeting its citizens Robertson, Cape Town, South Africa have been contained.

Last week there were reports that Zimbabwean citizens were being attacked by South Africans, who accuse them of taking their jobs. The attacks left some Zimbabwean nationals hospitalised.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade spokesperson Livit Mugejo confirmed receiving reports of attacks in Robertson, Cape Town revealing that some  Zimbabweans were injured during the skirmishes.

“Our Consulate in Cape Town gathered information regarding the anti-foreigner’s violence in the Robertson area which took place the same day. The Consulate gathered that a group of South Africans teamed up and started to attack Zimbabweans accusing them of taking their jobs. The affected Zimbabweans fled their homes and sought refuge in bushes and some took refuge at police stations,” Mugejo said.

“Information we have to date is that the disturbances have since been quelled by the police and we are happy that the violence was contained and the affected Zimbabweans have since returned to their places of abode.”

Mugejo added that they were in contact with the citizens in South Africa through the embassy in Pretoria and consulate in Johannesburg and Cape Town, adding that the government had been assisting with the repatriation of Zimbabweans who wish to return home.

In regard to the recent attacks in Cape Town, our offices are in regular touch with Robertson Police Service and Zimbabwean residents in SA through their representatives,” he said.

“The ministry is always ready to assist Zimbabweans whenever there is need. We would like to urge all our nationals to report all incidents of this nature whenever they occur to their nearest embassy offices so that they can be assisted.”