Cardi B: ‘Offset split isn’t about publicity’

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Cardi B has slammed rumours she split from husband Offset “for publicity” in a heartfelt Instagram Live video.

The 26-year-old rapper, who announced last week (end09Dec18) that she and her Migos star spouse had ended their relationship, took to thesocial media site on Sunday night to set the record straight about the break-up.

Insisting the former couple’s main focus is their five-month-olddaughter Kulture Kiari, Cardi said: “Y’all gotta understand, there’s a kid involved. Ain’t no type of publicity that I would ever want that would have my daughter looking at me crazy when she get older.

“I just really hate how people say we trying to do this forpublicity. Think we want to put our life out there for what – what we gain from publicity? Nothing. Why would you f**king think that I would put my f**king family in some bulls**t. I have my heart on my sleeve right now, you know whatI’m saying?”

As for speculation that her entire relationship with Offset was fake, Cardi had something to say about that as well.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of people say that my relationshipwas fake. B**ch, there’s certain things called love,” she insisted.”People do fall in love. Like my relationship was never fake… I gave hima chance and we fell in love with each other. But we never did anything for publicity, b**ch.”

Admitting that she “learned a lot” from her estranged husband, Cardi credited the rapper for showing her the ropes in the music industry.

Now she’s one of the world’s most famous rappers, and she told fans she doesn’t intend to let anything derail her success.

Calling 2018 “one of the greatest but one of the mosthardest years” of her life, Cardi, who had a very public falling out with Nicki Minaj earlier this year, added: “You know, I feel like I got critiqued themost this year, my pregnancy, it was just extremely emotional, and I feel likea lot of b**ches was trying me from left to right.

“I just put my work before everything and everybody and it’s always gonna be like that. Now that I have s**t, I ain’t never gonna let it go.”

Cardi shared the Instagram Live video shortly after newsbroke that she had changed the lyrics in her track Motorsport to reference theimpending divorce as she took to the stage at the recent Jingle Bash concerts. After fans alerted him to the lyric change, Offset wrote on his Twitter page:”F**k y’all I miss Cardi.”