Cash abuse by NGOs: US says still committed to helping ordinary Zimbabweans

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By Staff Reporter

THE suspension of financial support for local NGOs will not affect ongoing and future projects which benefit ordinary Zimbabweans, the United States’ Harare embassy has said.

The US government recently cut off funding for civil society organisations, accusing management of abusing the support.

Washington has, over the past decade, provided close to a billion dollars in HIV and AIDS interventions and supporting other humanitarian needs.

In a statement this week after it announced the suspension of funding to three organisation, the US Embassy in Harare reassured those benefiting from its humanitarian work.

“The US is committed to help the people of Zimbabwe and invest millions of dollars each year to support wide range of programmes to benefit them,” the Embassy said on social media.   

“Attempts to divert US funds from their intended use is unacceptable under any circumstances.”

The embassy added; “Earlier this year, as a result of regular internal oversight, SAID became aware of the possible misuse of US assistance funding.

“When USAID leaned about the situation an investigation was immediately launched and several issues were brought to light these issues have been dealt with accordingly.”

Affected organisations include the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) headed by Okay Machisa, Election Resource Centre (ERC) headed by Tawanda Chimhini and Counselling Services Unit (CSU) which provides medical and psychological care for victims of organised violence and torture.