Cassper: It’s your own people bothered most about your success

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The sudden and horrific death of US rapper Nipsey Hussle has seen South African rappers count their blessings that they don’t face the same threat – but Cassper Nyovest has said that in some ways SA rappers are worse off.

Cassper replied to a tweet by a fellow rapper, who claimed that their hometowns have become somewhat dangerous to them as musicians.

Cass has shared previously that since he became famous he isn’t as fond of going home.

The rapper, who is from Mahikeng in the North West, said after his best friend Carpo almost got stabbed in their hometown, it confirmed his theory that it’s usually “your people” that are bothered by your success.

Cassper added that he knows he’s blessed to be where he is today and he doesn’t take that for granted. Especially knowing that the reality is that many people aren’t happy for him and are constantly trying to pull him down.

He used the fact that Nipsey was shot by someone in his hometown as an example.

“Nipsey was shot by someone he had an argument with earlier on in the day (sic). The fool went home to fetch a gun, came back and popped him. It’s published information.”

The rapper added that he’s realised there’s nothing successful people could do to stop hate from coming their way.

“I used to think hate was a reaction caused by an attitude or action so I’d like try to avoid being the guy everyone hates. Now I’ve realised kuthi you can’t win with people, especially when you’re successful. Just that in itself is enough reason for you to be constant target,” Cassper said.