Cassper slams trolls ‘chasing clout by hurting & trash talking others’

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After noticing a trend on the net of people chasing fame by hurting others, rapper Cassper Nyovest has come out to warn the “clout chasers” that their game won’t end well for them.

Cassper took to Twitter to offer advice to “tweleps” chasing instant fame and going about it in a way that could result in them catching fists in real life.

Cass believes getting fame at the expense of other people’s feelings is guaranteed to end  in a messy disaster for the perpetrator.

“People have seen how easy it is to become popular on social media. Just pick someone who people love and disrespect them enough times to get a reaction from their fans and then, boom, you’re very popular. One of you m*f*s are gonna get punched in the face soon. Just watch!”

The rapper was also triggered by a video where a vlogger singled out Nasty C’s girlfriend Sammie Heavens and said the nastiest things about her, just for likes and retweets on the social media streets.

In the video that left many angry on Sammie and Nasty C’s behalf, the relatively unknown vlogger labelled Sammie a “gold digger” and “natural born failure”. He then added that she had “achieved absolutely nothing in life” and asked what she had to offer in her relationship with Nasty.

Cassper was disgusted by the comments and explained on his TL that no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t make sense of why a person would randomly attack a person they don’t know all in the name of 15-minutes of Twitter fame.

The rapper  advised people to stop the blatant disrespect and find a better way to become famous, one that won’t have karma knocking down their doors.

“The clout chasing never ever ends well. Do not follow this trend of disrespecting people to gain clout. I am warning y’all! Stay in your lane and do your thing! Your time will come and people will know you for your good deeds.”

The one thing Cassper knows for sure is that clout chasing antics will most probably “end in tears”.

He’s willing to bet on it!