Gerald Mlotshwa

Mlotshwa’s Ethics Under Scrutiny In Streak Saga

By Michael Mutasa SPORTS and Recreation Commission chairman and Harare lawyer Gerald Mlotshwa’s impartiality in the controversial match fixing case involving former cricket national team captain and coach Heath Streak is under scrutiny as the case which caused international embarrassment to our sport continues to unravel. Streak was banned for eight years by the International

Tichaona Zindoga

Calling Out Auxillia’s Editorial Interference Benefits State Media Journalists And Editors (Hopefully)

Tichaona Zindoga There has been considerable interest in my interview on South African public broadcaster, SABC, aired at the weekend. I appeared with Hopewell Chin’ono, as we discussed the state of media in Zimbabwe on the occasion of Independence Day. The programme was pre-recorded on Friday. Interestingly, after the session, Chin’ono took to Twitter and

Author...Nomazulu Thata

Sexually Transmitted Leadership Will Not Take Us Anywhere

By Nomazulu Thata    My previous article regarding the nomination of Sibangilizwe Nkomo to contest the Zapu presidential candidacy could have come across as too emotional for some people to appreciate my perspective. What is disturbing is that be it Matabeleland, Mashonaland, Manicaland, the Tongaland or whatever corner of the land we live in, we learn

Nomazulu Thata

Sibangilizwe Nkomo Bid For Zapu Presidency A Big Joke

By Nomazulu Thata       Not long-ago last month, Sibangilizwe Nkomo announced his Zapu candidacy to replace late party leader Dumiso Dabengwa. I was excited about this, well as someone who grew up in Zapu and known the late Comrade Joshua Nkomo well. I was in Zambia together with Father Zimbabwe as leader of guerrilla movement. It

Former Vice President Kembo Mohadi

Who Gains From The Public Shaming Of Kembo Mohadi?

The Africa Report Zimbabwe’s second Vice President Kembo Mohadi was caught in a kompromat trap. Recordings of phone calls full of lurid sexual banter, thanks to intercepts that were almost certainly the work of a state intelligence agency, were faithfully reproduced on the Zimlive online news site in a series of salacious stories over the

We Need To Talk More About Consent In Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe is part of the movement of women and girls around the world who are demanding that their voices are heard and are at the core of decisions about their bodies. Zimbabwe is marking SheDecides Day, the global day of activism driving change for bodily autonomy on 2 March, by recording a digital conversation and

Author...Nomazulu Thata

African ‘Dead Aid’ Will Stop Within 5 Years: Part Two

By Nomazulu Thata                                                                       In part one I concentrated on Dr. Dambisa’s “Dead Aid” book she passionately wrote in 2009 highlighting the need for Africa to shift its focus away from foreign aid and instead, seeking solutions that are sustainable to the economy of Africa and other aspects of development: solutions that bring dignity to the

Tobacco Contract Farming ‘Modern Day Slavery’

Tobacco contract farming in Zimbabwe does not benefit the ordinary farmer , as it turns farmers into slaves to enrich the Contracting Companies. Farmers are turned into disguised workers for the contracting companies and they are always in credit living them without surplus money to recapitalize and survive. The contracting companies do not give farmers

Author...Nomazulu Thata

AID To Africa Is Dead Aid: It Must Be Stopped. Part One

By Nomazulu Thata                                                                       We need to ask ourselves critical questions; is foreign aid good for Africa? What purpose is it intended for? Is aid helping the people it is intended to assist in alleviating hunger and poverty in African communities? When did foreign aid to Africa start? Why is there still abject poverty of unimaginable

Author...Nomazulu Thata

Alternative Marshall Plan mit Africa

By Nomazulu Thata The EU Marshall Plan with Africa is the buzzword and future music in Germany today that is caring currency in the incumbent government of CDU/CSU and this idea could be recognized as a basis to redefine foreign aid to Africa. Aid in Africa was meant to alleviate poverty on the continent, but

US President Joe Biden

Now Is The Time For US To Reset Relations With Zimbabwe

Marc Holtzman Africa’s role in global affairs is only going to grow in the coming decades, given that by 2050, Africa will account for 25 per cent of the world’s population. There is no better time for the United States to reset relations with a foreign country than at the change of an administration. While