Zimbabwe should fully liberalise the petroleum industry

By Victor Bhoroma It has become apparent that the Zimbabwean government is failing to sustain its fuel subsidy in the economy due to foreign currency shortages. The rationale for such a subsidy has been to bring price stability to the market thereby managing inflation, to prevent the local economy from re-dollarizing and give the Reserve

The Death Penalty in Zimbabwe: is the country ready for abolition?

By Parvais Jabbar and Val Ingham-Thorpe May 2019 marks the anniversary of the publication of ‘12 Years Without an Execution: Is Zimbabwe Ready for Abolition?’, an independent survey of public attitudes towards capital punishmentcommissioned and published by the Death Penalty Project in association with Veritas. Since the release of the report, there appears to have

Alex Magaisa

Judgment: An Existential Threat to the Opposition

By Alex Magaisa A judgment delivered by a High Court judge, Justice Mushore has drawn a lot of attention and raised many questions among members of the public. Many are concerned to understand its meaning and implications. It is impossible to separate the legal and political aspects of the matter, given its broader consequences. The

Takura Zhangazha

Zim Workers Day 2019: Re-Linking the Idea of State with Working People

By Takura Zhangazha Zimbabwe’s biggest labour federation the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), gave the theme for  the 2019  Workers Day commemorations as ‘We are at a Crossroads! Unite, Fight Neo-liberalism and Austerity.’ This is a radical theme to say the least.  It is also directly ideological in that it immediately challenges the free

Alex Magaisa

Big Saturday Read: How to overcome polarisation in Zimbabwe

By Alex T Magaisa I have been reading: How Democracies Die, a fascinating book by political scientists, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt. While the book primarily examines the challenges facing American democracy in the wake of the unusual Trump presidency, it nevertheless raises important issues that are relevant to other countries, including those struggling with

A truly ‘new Zimbabwe’ should mean a free space for dissent

By Vongai Chikwanda As Zimbabwe celebrates 39 years of independence, its citizens still await evidence that the country truly has broken away from its repressive past. “I am your listening President, a servant leader. No one is above the law. This is a new Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe we all want.” At his inauguration on 26

Stembile Mpofu

Not yet Uhuru – Celebrating Virtual Independence

By Stembile Mpofu The fight for the Independence of African countries has been ongoing from the time the territorial flags of European countries began flying over African soil. In 1957 Ghana became the first African country to gain independence. Almost 40 years passed before South Africa, the last African country to gain its independence, attained

Conrad Mwanza

Sunday Digest: Zimbabwe, the quest for new kind of politics

By Conrad Mwanza I have always been fascinated by the impact carried by words sharing a vision. They seem to come with an extra urgency that is not found in ordinary conversation. This is because a vision is often borne out of a deeper place which harbours dreams and ambition and when a person shares

Alex Magaisa

Big Saturday Read: Confronting Institutional Biases and Prejudices

Alex T. Magaisa Glorious Convergence The response to Cyclone Idai, which devastated the eastern part of Zimbabwe, taking hundreds of lives and burying villages and livelihoods demonstrated an amazing convergence of love and compassion across the nation and beyond. Generous contributions came from people of all over the country, Zimbabweans coordinating brilliantly both in virtual

Knocked down by adversity? Get back up and continue with the fight

By Joseph Chivayo Sometimes life happens in such a way that no matter how hard you try to make something happen, it won’t. In those moments we all have a choice of either giving up or trying one more time. You have to make that choice to Get back up. Imagine you are a boxer

Author...Conrad Mwanza

SUNDAY DIGEST: A case of validation

By Conrad Mwanza The year 2010 holds some special memories for me as a Zimbabwean and African. It was the year that the continent known as the cradle of mankind opened its arms to welcome the rest of the world as South Africa hosted the biggest global soccer showpiece, the FIFA World Cup. It also

Takura Zhangazha

Amending the Constitution again: The necessity of 100% proportional representation

By Takura Zhangazha ZIMBABWE’s government recently announced that it is preparing to amend the national Constitution.  This was announced by the Minister of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Ziyambi  Ziyambi, who informed the public that government in following up on the recommendations of the (former South African President Kgalema) Monthlante Commission in seeking, as reported

Author Conrad Mwanza

SUNDAY DIGEST: Building the Zimbabwe we all want

By Conrad Mwanza No man is an island and we all need one another; and the past week has proven that now more than ever Zimbabweans need oneness above everything else. The past week has been difficult for everyone after the tropical Cyclone Idai hit the eastern parts of the country leaving a trail of

Alex Magaisa

Big Saturday Read: Pillars of Success

Alex T. Magaisa It has often been said that criticism without propositions is only half the job. It has also been asked what ought to be done to transform and make the nation a better place for its citizens. The most common retort is that Zimbabwe must change its politics, which is a fair point.

Author...Conrad Mwanza

Our Country, Our Continent, Our Pride

By Conrad Mwanza ZIMBABWE was named among the best must-visit destinations by Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019. The country finds itself in lofty company in a list that includes tourism boons like Sri Lanka, Germany and Belize among other countries. The announcement by one of the world’s leading travel authorities unravels one of the

Author...Joseph Chivayo

Are you just busy or you are productive?

By Joseph Chivayo How many times do we speak to friends, colleagues and family and all they say is they have been extremely busy? Have you ever thought you can’t exercise because you are busy, you can’t pray because you don’t have time, maybe you can’t start your business because you are running someone else’s

David Mutori

Economic reform: Is Zimbabwe confronting its most defining moment?

By David Mutori THE fortunes of countries are dependent on events that take place geopolitically and domestically. Often it is the interaction between global issues and domestic challenges that shape a country’s destiny. My previous post considered geopolitical events that might affect Zimbabwe’s economy. This post looks at domestic issues that can shape Zimbabwe’s fortunes

Conrad Mwanza

ZIM DIASPORA: A case for reverse brain drain

By Conrad Mwanza ZIMBABWE is a beautiful country with a colourful story and wonderful people. According to the census of 2016 the population stood at 16 million with almost another million scattered around the world. Home is where the heart is, so goes the adage and more often than not Zimbabweans, like all other peoples