Adiel Mambara: Airline Business Models

2018 was one of the most challenging years in the aviation industry, with increased oil prices and a strong US dollar impacting profit margins. The response has led to airlines refining their strategies and business models to remain relevant and in a strong position to survive in the long term. Global load factors have ranged

Prof Mthuli Ncube

PROF Mthuli Ncube: Rebuilding Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE is back on the map. Just as we open up our economy and democratic space, so too are we opening our arms to the world. The dark times are behind us, and the future is bright and positive; a future of cooperation and dialogue. A future whereby Zimbabwe is an active and responsible member

Eddie Cross

Zimbabwe’s curse: How long oh Lord, how Long?

By Eddie Cross We seem to have been putting up with lousy Government, corruption, nonsensical monetary and macroeconomic policies forever. First we had the Rhodesian Government from 1960 onwards which resulted in the imposition of mandatory UN sanctions and then the liberation war. Were these inevitable? I do not think so but with the national

Dorcas Gwata

An African woman’s bookshelf

By Dorcas Gwata TODAY is a new day, well it seems so. After much deliberation, in search of a healthier mental space, I got rid of my TV and the licence that goes with it, I Dorcas Wongai Gwata am now TV free. The living room is quiet, save for the tick-tock clock next to my

Zimbabwe: Exchange control’s the problem

By Eddie Cross Exchange Control is the Central Problem facing Zimbabwe at Present By introducing Exchange Control via the Reserve Bank the State has done the following:  1. Created a system to ‘sweep’ some US$3 billion in direct foreign earnings into the Nostro accounts of the Bank. This amounts to about US$10 million every working

Omission by Commission: The Motlanthe Hearings and President Mnangagwa’s Institutional Deflectionism

By David T Hofisi WHEN Emmerson Mnangagwa took over as Zimbabwe’s president, he carried himself with the air a consummate democrat, demystifying the presidency through increased access and vaunted intolerance to corruption. From frequent video messages to random public appearances, President Mnangagwa sold himself as more grounded than his grandiose predecessor. A year later, he

What is the problem with the Zimbabwean education system?

By Tonderai Makaniwa According to the National Skills Audit Report, Zimbabwe has a skills deficit of 62%. The engineering and technology sector has a deficit of 96% (Sunday Mail June 2018). Is our education system useful to us as a nation? Are our education systems educating the nation? Peters (1966) argues that education involves initiation

The US Dollar or the South African Rand – Let’s examine the facts

By Dr. Tutsirai Sakutukwa Dollarization, it has come as a popular term for currency substitution. This is a term mostly used when a foreign currency is used instead of the domestic currency as legal tender. In this instance, the foreign currency takes over all functions of domestic money: unit of account, medium of exchange, and

MDC legislator Thabitha Khumalo lies on the street after collapsing following the opposition MPs ejection from Parliament

It’s illegal and unconstitutional for police to enter Parliament and arrest or remove MPs

By Musa Kika FOR the second time in two years, members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) were, on the 22nd of November called into the House of Assembly chambers to remove opposition Members of Parliament (MPs). On 26 October 2016, police were called in to remove opposition MP Costa Machingauta for “dressing inappropriately”. He

Eddie Cross

Zimbabwe: Prepare for take-off

By Eddie Cross Perspective Seeing things in perspective has never been more important in Zimbabwe. If we fail to do so, our view of the current problems we are encountering will be distorted and we may all make decisions we later regret. When people went out and paid 6 or 7 to 1 for USD

US Congress Needs to Support African-led Solutions in Zimbabwe

By Imani Countess “Zimbabwe is on fire,” wrote Joyce last month via the popular messaging service WhatsApp. Joyce, a colleague and friend, is one of nearly 8 million low-income and poor women struggling to survive Zimbabwe’s current economic and political crises. Her comment comes after weeks of market turmoil, panic buying, fuel and food shortages, widespread

Luke Tamborinyoka

Goromonzi West: Slipping off the pedestal of hope!

By Luke Batsirai Tamborinyoka AS the commission investigating the August 1 2018 callous murders continues its mission to probe the obvious we, the people of Goromonzi, are waiting for the outcome with bated breath. Among those heinously killed by the military on that fateful day was a family man, Ishmael Kumire of Matope village in