Donald Trump

Trump under pressure in 2nd week of impeachment hearings

BBC President Donald Trump faces more potentially damning testimony in the Ukraine scandal as a critical week of public impeachment hearings opens Tuesday in the House of Representatives. Trump’s suggestion that he might himself testify in the investigation which threatens his presidency had no impact on the House Intelligence Committee’s plans to interview nine witnesses

Protesters set fire to hold off police at Hong Kong campus

BBC Pro-democracy demonstrators holed up in a Hong Kong university campus set the main entrance ablaze Monday to prevent surrounding police moving in, after officers warned they may use live rounds if confronted by deadly weapons. The police warning, which came after one officer was struck by an arrow, marked a further escalation of the

Hong Kong protests: Man dies after being hit ‘by hard object’ during protests

BBC A man has died in Hong Kong after being hit on the head during clashes between government supporters and protesters. The government said the 70-year-old cleaner was on a lunch break on Wednesday when he was struck by “hard objects hurled by masked rioters”. Meanwhile, China’s president Xi Jinping said Hong Kong’s use of

Chaos in Hong Kong as pro-democracy protests ‘blossom everywhere’

AFP Pro-democracy protesters Wednesday stepped up a “blossom everywhere” campaign of road blocks and vandalism across Hong Kong that has crippled the international financial hub this week and ignited some of the worst violence in five months of unrest. The new phase in the crisis, which has forced schools and shopping malls to close as

Australian bushfires hit Sydney suburbs

AFP Bushfires raging across eastern Australia on Tuesday singed the Sydney suburbs, where firefighters were forced to scramble planes and helicopters to splatter a built-up neighbourhood with water and red retardant. Twin blazes in the north shore suburb of Turramurra  around 15 kilometres (nine miles) from the centre of Australia’s largest city  tore through a

Australian state declares emergency due to wildfires

AP Australia’s most populous state declared a state of emergency on Monday due to unprecedented wildfire danger as calls grew for Australia to take more action to counter climate change. New South Wales state Emergency Services Minister David Elliott said residents were facing what “could be the most dangerous bushfire week this nation has ever

Hong Kong police shoot man in day of violence and chaos

BBC A policeman has shot a protester during another day of violent demonstrations in Hong Kong. Footage posted on Facebook showed the officer drawing his gun before grappling with a man at a roadblock. When another man approached wearing a face mask, the officer fired at him, hitting him in the torso. As the grapple

Turkey says it captured sister of dead IS leader

AFP Turkish forces in northern Syria have detained a sister of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State group who was killed in a US raid, a senior Turkish official said Tuesday. “Turkey has captured Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s sister” in a raid near the town of Azaz, the official, speaking on condition of

India’s capital restricts cars as people choke in dirty air

AP New Delhi restricted many private vehicles from the roads Monday to try to lessen pollution as people gasped and their eyes burned in toxic smog that exacerbated a public health crisis. The “odd-even” scheme will restrict private vehicles with odd-number license plates to driving on odd dates while even-numbered plates are allowed on even-numbered

Vietnamese turn to traffickers to help chase fortunes abroad

AP For many Vietnamese, a job in a Western European country is seen as a path to prosperity worth breaking the law. But the risks of doing so are high and the consequences can be deadly, as the discovery of 39 bodies in a truck in England last week proved. The victims were believed to

17 killed in police action in Brazil

AFP A shoot-out in the northern Brazilian city of Manaus between police and suspected drug traffickers left 17 people dead, local authorities announced on Wednesday. “The individuals exchanged fire with the police, 17 were hit by bullets and transported to hospital, where they were confirmed dead,” the state security secretariat said of the incident late

Some of the passengers -- many of whom were religious pilgrims travelling to a congregation in the eastern city of Lahore -- had been cooking breakfast when two of their gas cylinders exploded, officials said

At least 71 killed in Pakistan train fire

AFP At least 71 people were killed and dozens injured after cooking gas cylinders exploded on a train packed with pilgrims in Pakistan on Thursday, some dying after leaping from carriages to escape the inferno, authorities said. Television footage showed flames pouring out of three carriages as people could be heard crying during the incident,

‘Boeing 737 Max 8 will be one of the safest airliners flying’

BBC Dennis Muilenburg, chief executive of Boeing, was quizzed on Tuesday by the Senate Commerce Committee over the deadly 737 Max 8 crashes. Two deadly 737 Max 8 crashes killed a total of 346 people. Muilenburg admitted the firm had made “mistakes”. The fleet has been grounded for 10 months and BBC Radio 4’s Today

UK set for 12 December general election after MPs’ vote

BBC The UK is set to go to the polls on 12 December after MPs backed Boris Johnson’s call for an election following months of Brexit deadlock. By a margin of 438 votes to 20, the House of Commons approved legislation paving the way for the first December election since 1923. The bill is still

EU agrees to delay Brexit until Jan. 31

AP The European Council president says the bloc has agreed to grant Britain a new Brexit delay to Jan. 31 next year. Donald Tusk said on Twitter “the EU 27 has agreed that it will accept the UK’s request for a Brexit flextension. The decision is expected to be formalized through a written procedure.” Tusk’s

67-year-old becomes ‘oldest new mother’ in China

AFP A 67-year-old woman has given birth in China, a hospital said on Monday, with the parents claiming they are the country’s oldest couple to have a natural birth. The woman, surnamed Tian, delivered a healthy girl by Caesarean section on Friday, Zaozhuang city’s Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital told AFP. “The child was