The militarisation of the Zimbabwean government raises serious questions about who really wields political power - President Emmerson Mnangagwa or army leaders.

Shadow States A Big Threat To Democracy In Africa: Fresh Reports Detail How

By Nic Cheeseman – Conversation Africa THE capture of democratic political systems by private power networks is arguably the greatest threat to civil liberties and inclusive development in Africa. That’s the conclusion of two new reports that address the issue of threats to democracy on the continent. The first report is published by Ghana’s Centre for Democratic

Noah Manyika

Convictions Are not Always About Ego

By Noah Manyika This short write-up will most likely be my last direct response to Job Sikhala’s refreshing and great challenge to the opposition to “unpack the equation” and figure out how to translate popularity to power. Sikhala’s call comes at a time when the drumbeat for “convergence” is loudest, so allow me to say

Africa Should Support Bangladesh In Solving Rohingya Crisis

By Pathik Hasan FOR decades, Myanmar has gone through extreme cruelty to the Rohingya. Never cared about the law. This is the first time that Gambia, a small African country, has taken Myanmar to the International Court of Justice for the Rohingya genocide. Gambia has been trying to convict Myanmar of crimes against humanity against

Former President Barack Obama has joined the NBA Africa as a strategic partner

How Obama’s Backing For NBA Africa Could Boost Basketball On The Continent

The Conversation UK FORMER US president Barack Obama’s decision to invest in the National Basketball Association’s Africa venture reflects a lot about his past – his basket playing youth and his African roots. It also signals that his future ambitions stretch beyond US borders. The Basketball Africa League was launched in 2021 as a collaboration between the National Basketball Association

Col Mamady Doumbouya

Free Lesson From Guinea And More

By  Noah Manyika ALLOW me to continue my contribution to the serious conversation Job Sikhala has challenged the opposition to have. Guinean President Alpha Condé has just been overthrown by Col Mamady Doumbuya who told French media on the 5th of September that “the Guinean personalization of political life is over. We will no longer

Hopewell Chinon'o

Journalists In Zimbabwe Live In Fear Of Arrest: Hopewell Chin’ono

GroundUp Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono had to deliver the keynote address at the recent 23rd Nat Nakasa Awards remotely. He was unable to attend the event in Johannesburg because the Zimbabwean state has retained his passport. He has been hounded by the state for his exposure of high-level corruption in Zanu PF and has spent months

Jeffrey Moyo

Power, Money, The State: An Unholy Trinity

By Jeffrey Moyo POLITICAL war is not just the battle of the popular against the unpopular. It is not won merely in elections and on the campaign trail. It is not always won by a superior logic or superior arguments. It is not always won by the best leaders or the most virtuous. Political warfare

US Covid Origin Probe Doomed From The Start

By Staff Reporter Last week, on August 27, the intelligence community of the United States of America finally came up with its report on the “origin tracing” of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 – or simply Covid-19. The report took three months after President Joe Biden instructed the intelligence community to comb through or contrive “evidence”

Jeffrey Moyo

Zimbabwe Diaspora Policy: A View From A Diasporan

By Jeffrey Moyo IT IS reassuring the government has suggested it intends to embark on a consultative process to discuss how the vast diaspora community of Zimbabwe can be harnessed to be part of the social, economic, and political landscape of the country in a more organised and coherent manner. I think this is but

Prospects For Peace, Security In Zimbabwe

Brookings THE Brookings’ Africa Security Initiative hosted a discussion of U.S. policy toward Zimbabwe featuring George Ward of the Institute for Defense Analysis, Michelle Gavin of the Council on Foreign Relations, Dewa Mavhinga of Human Rights Watch, and Piers Pigou of International Crisis Group. Brookings Senior Fellow Michael O’Hanlon moderated the conversation. In giving an overview

Tragic Death While Zim Delays Child Marriage Laws

Legal Brief FOR many months international and regional organisations have been warning about the dire consequences for child marriage of Covid-19, lockdowns and the economic stress it is causing. But the story of 14-year-old Memory Machaya, who died in childbirth last month, is no less tragic for all those warnings. Her horrific death, and her

Zimbabweans Endorse Taxation, But Have Difficulty On How Govt Uses Revenue

Afrobarometer Dispatch No. 466 TAXATION is an essential tool for domestic resource mobilization as well as policy-making, shaping the distribution of resources among wealthy and less-wealthy citizens and enabling the government to address national development objectives (AFRODAD, 2011). The government of Zimbabwe relies to a substantial extent on tax revenues (12.62% of the gross domestic

Mako Haruzivishe

Courts, Police Complicit In Arbitrary Imprisonment Of Mako Haruzivishe

Daily Maverick ZANU PF is using arbitrary imprisonment as a choice method of persecution, Gukurakundi style. Unfortunately, this time the judiciary, police, and prisons seem to be fully in on it. One of the methods of persecution during the Gukurahundi massacres was the arbitrary arrest and detention of opposition Zimbabwe African People’s Union (Zapu) leaders,

A politician argued that the Rhodesian ridgeback was the dog of the ancestors and proposed renaming it the Zimbabwe ridgeback

Dogs In The City: On The Scent Of Zim’s Urban History

By Innocent Dande and Sandra Swart – The Conversation Africa DOGS are political. Their very existence in modern cities has goaded those in power into trying to discipline them – and their owners. This has happened in the past too: for instance, authorities trying to modernise Paris in the 19th century regarded stray dogs as belonging

Special Drawing Rights: The ‘’Shot’’ To Fighting Covid?

By Christine Matinanga The disruptive force of the Covid-19 Pandemic is sweeping around the world and affecting most of the developing countries. According to the World Bank’s latest economic analysis on Zimbabwe, the number of extremely poor citizens rose to 7.9 million in 2020 due to Covid-19. The pandemic led to the economy to even

Unpacking The Nexus Between Inequality In SADC And The Agrarian question

By Caroline Magedi THE agrarian question in Marxian political economy refers to a pool of interrelated glitches such as the fate of the peasantry and non-capitalist relations of production. In simpler terms, it is a question of what can be done and what sort of politics is required to end inequality and oppression. In general,

Helen Lieros, left, with her husband Derek Huggins, in the 2020 documentary Art for Art’s Sake.

Building An Art Gallery In The Midst Of War In Zimbabwe

By Tinashe Mushakavanhu/The Conversation AFRICA AFTER being disenchanted with his work as a detective inspector in Rhodesia’s British South Africa Police, Derek Huggins quit his job and in 1975 decided to open an art gallery. The venture, Gallery Delta, is now an important institution in Zimbabwe’s art history. His partner and collaborator was his wife, Helen Lieros,

Of AfCFTA, Market Growth, Policy Consistency And Financial Benefits.

Kudakwashe Mataire IN every success story, people always praise the outcomes, but most people do not associate with the concept, the initial idea and its benefits. This is the case when it comes to the adoption of the of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which came into effect on January 1, 2021. This