Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Cyril Ramaphosa

For the sake of our economy, South Africa needs to act over Zimbabwe

By Mpumelelo Mkhabela  Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa threatened to “flush out” his opponents who mounted peaceful protests against the country’s deteriorating political and economic situation. His policy of “flushing out” is reminiscent of the apartheid era of torture, lengthy detentions and disappearances of political opponents. It is also a brutal reminder of Marumbatzvina – Robert

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Time For SADC To Break With Zimbabwe

By Jamie Mighti It is time to stop turning a blind eye to what is going on in Zimbabwe, where the government has shown over and over that it is violent and willing to do anything to stay in power, writes Jamie Mighti. Am I my brother’s keeper? This moral question is one that often confronts

Big Saturday Read: July 31 – The day Regime Blinked First

By Alex T. Magaisa Lessons from the Farm Mechanisation Scandal The big story this week is the demonstrations which were scheduled for 31 July 2020. It’s the day that the regime blinked first and revealed the extent of its vulnerability and insecurities. However, before we get to that, it’s appropriate to round up the Farm

In Zimbabwe, No One Can Breathe

By Panashe Chigumadzi MOST worryingly for the corrupt and clueless government, even the security forces deployed to crush dissent are suffering. On 20 July, police in Zimbabwe arrested and detained the journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. The prominent investigative reporter had blown the whistle on $60 million corruption scandal in June. They also detained Jacob Ngarivhume, leader

Journalist Hopewell Chin'ono

Fear is our biggest enemy

By Tendai Mazenge The main problem affecting our nation is our silence when everything around us has gone wrong. The political situation in our country is not right. People who dare speak about the evils of our government are abducted, tortured and thrown into prison. We need to stand up against these injustices. I believe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

What’s happening in Zimbabwe regarding Covid-19?

News24 The Republic of Zimbabwe enforced one of the strictest nationwide lockdowns in Africa on Wednesday after the number of active coronavirus cases surpassed the number of recoveries in the country. However, activists and commentators believe the new lockdown measures were introduced in light of the arrest of award-winning Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and a

July 31 protests a turning point for Zimbabwe

TimesLive Under cover of Covid-19, Zimbabwean authorities are preparing to arm the police with state of the art crowd control equipment to “crack down on lockdown violations” although the real agenda appears to be to quash opposition demonstrations. The opposition has called for street protests on July 31st given the deepening economic crisis and perceived

Alex Magaisa

EXCLUSIVE: Beneficiaries of the RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme

Alex T. Magaisa In 2007/08 the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ran a scheme which was ostensibly designed to support commercial agriculture. At the time, Zimbabwe was undergoing a major land revolution, with significant changes in land ownership under the Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLRP) The government was that the new farmers needed support from

Alex Magaisa

Beneficiaries Of the RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme

By Alex T. Magaisa IN 2007/08 the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ran a scheme which was ostensibly designed to support commercial agriculture. At the time, Zimbabwe was undergoing a major land revolution, with significant changes in land ownership under the Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLRP). The government’s view was that the new farmers needed support

Alex Magaisa

Big Saturday Read: Zimbabwe – From Militarism to Constitutionalism

By Alex Magaisa This week, I participated in a Zoom Policy Dialogue Forum organised by SAPES, the Harare-based think-tank led by Dr Ibbo Mandaza. The dialogue was moderated by journalist Violet Gonda. My brief was to lead a discussion on constitutionalism and the military. It was a fascinating conversation in which former Minister, Professor Jonathan

Alex Magaisa

Big Saturday Read: What’s in a Name?

By Alex T. Magaisa The Bizarre and the Absurd Zimbabwe has had its fair share of political absurdities but the current year is serving a bizarre and perplexing menu. To appreciate the absurdities of what’s going on in Zimbabwe’s opposition, one must take a brief historical tour of events and circumstances leading to the present

Malawi's newly elected president Lazarus Chakwera

Malawi’s New President Has ‘A Dream’ For His Country

Daily Maverick BUT realising his dream of shared prosperity will be no easy task for Chakwera. He inherits a country deeply divided, politically, regionally and ethnically. Malawi’s newly-elected President Lazarus Chakwera speaks, rather bemusingly, with the accent and cadence of an American civil rights leader, presumably because of his theological studies there in the 1990s.

Co-author Tsepang Nare

It’s a wild roller coaster ride to nowhere

By Tsepang T. Nare and Abel Mavura Its not just about dreaming that creates a visionary but its the art of one’s dream that creates a leader who is so rare. For a person with a disability (PWD), like any other, has that dream to live a life of dignity, where he/she is appreciated and

How Nations Profit From Zimbabwe’s Blood Gold

Gulf News 34 tonnes of gold is smuggled out of the nation yearly. Gulf News sniffs out the trail HARARE: Still filthy from their work in the mines — clothing sodden with sweat and slime — the men regarded us suspiciously as we walked towards the shallow open pits in which they stood knee deep and panned for gold

Big Saturday Read: Draxgate And A Controversial Amendment

Alex T. Magaisa THE first part of this BSR explains the objections to the proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2 Bill, which is presently before Parliament. I should refer readers to more detailed commentary on this proposed amendment which I did in a series of BSRs in February.   The first BSR gave a broad overview of

Zimbabwe- A case of resignation to fate or …

By Farai Nhende  A cursory glance at the history of post independent Zimbabwe provides compelling evidence pointing to the fact that there has been little in the way of organized or galvanized civic action against bad governance, either in its broadest sense or within the ambit of more context specific scenarios of holding to account