How education is pushing up remittances to Zimbabwe

By Darryl Pietersen, Director of Anglophone Africa, WorldRemit Education and development are integrated themes for any nation’s social and economic development. Despite this, the World Bank notes that in Eastern and Southern Africa, 89% of ten-year-old children are unable to read and understand a short text, reflecting a high percentage of learning poverty that was

Our agenda for a prosperous New Great Zimbabwe

By Nelson Chamisa In a few months, Zimbabweans head to the polls to decide on their future. There have been many elections before, all of which have not brought the change we desire. So, I understand why, for many of our people, voting may seem like a futile exercise. However, history tells us that nothing

Only PhD holders should lecture at university – Prof Kangira

By Professor Jairos Kangira When I completed my Master of Philosophy in Linguistics degree, I was a teaching assistant at the University of Zimbabwe. My two colleagues and I started celebrating because we had spent four hard years researching and writing our theses since we were working as teaching assistants. The university regulations doubled the period

WARNING: Once lost, freedom is hard to restore

By Rejoice Ngwenya A few years before his untimely death, iconic reggae superstar Robert Nester Marley – monikered Bob Marley and the Wailers – penned something entitled ‘Redemption Song’. In it, he says, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”. Then and now, this song gave me an impression that

It’s time for a borderless Africa

No African should be treated like a foreigner in any African country By Tafi Mhaka On February 7, Kenyan police arrested 41 undocumented Ethiopian migrants and two human smugglers at a house in Nairobi. The all-male group, which was reportedly on its way to South Africa, will be prosecuted for breaching Kenya’s immigration laws and

South Africa emerges as favoured destination for political exiles

By Dr Sizo Nkala OPINION: Curiously but not surprisingly, post-apartheid South Africa has turned out to be one of the preferred destinations for political exiles. The country has played host to many prominent political exiles in the past three decades. Exile, the forced departure from one’s native country to a foreign country, usually for reasons

How to ensure a safe & secure online gambling experience?

Gambling has been around for centuries, but with the rise of the internet, online gambling has become more popular than ever. While online gambling can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time, it’s essential to ensure that you stay safe and secure while doing so. In this article, we’ll explore the top

How do online casino games work?

Online casino games are digital versions of traditional casino games that can be played over the internet. From classic table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat to slot machines and video poker, online casinos offer a vast array of games that can be played for real money. Understanding how online casino games work is crucial

Zimbabwe’s budget plans open door for growth; but only if high interest rates don’t derail them

By Jonathan Munemo, Salisbury University When Zimbabwe’s finance minister Mthuli Ncube presented the national budget for 2023 to Parliament in November 2022, he placed high emphasis on a raft of initiatives designed to spur strong economic growth and unleash economic transformation. These included financing of infrastructure projects, education, health, value chains and other public investments.

Top tech trends that will dominate business in 2023

Every year we see improvements in technology, and 2023 is no different. The creation of new devices, software, and business processes continues. This year, the focus is on the Internet of Things (IoT), the Banking as a Service (BaaS) sector, and artificial intelligence (AI). The retail industry has been one of the leading industries to

Zimbabwe is losing doctors, teachers to British hypocrisy

Instead of addressing the concerns of NHS workers and teachers, Britain is plundering talent from Zimbabwe. By Ashley Simango The United Kingdom, which is buckling under a deepening shortage of nurses and teachers after exiting the European Union, is raiding, among other countries, its former colony Zimbabwe for key public sector workers: nurses, doctors and teachers.

Rwanda, Congo drifting toward war again as rebels surge anew

By Anadolu News Agency Tensions ongoing for months between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo over rebel groups have brought the two countries to the brink of war again. Congo, which has repeatedly become a conflict zone due to the economic and political interests of neighbouring countries, is currently home to dozens of armed

Top 10 Universities in Zimbabwe 2023

Do you want to study in Zimbabwe? The country is home to a wide collection of schools and institutions. Check out our Zimbabwe university rankings below. Source: Pexels Zimbabwe is one of the most fascinating countries on the continent. It is home to Africa’s largest waterfall and the biggest man-made lake. But its education system

Zimbabwe civil society faces moment of reckoning

By Thandekile Moyo From 28 February to 4 March 2022 the Zimbabwean Parliament’s portfolio committee on public services, labour and social welfare held public hearings on the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill (H.B. 10.2021) in different locations around Zimbabwe. I managed to attend one of these hearings held at The Selborne Hotel in Bulawayo on

When Zimbabwe stops pretending to be a democracy

By Nic Cheeseman On Saturday 14 January, Harare based lawyer Kudzai Kadzere was beaten by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), leaving him with a fractured hand that required surgery. Images shared online show a long run of stitches up the inside of his arm and across his wrist, forming a bloody L shape. His “crime”

Stella Chiweshe: Zimbabwe’s mbira queen, rebel music star and pioneer

By Gibson Ncube, Stellenbosch University Stella Rambisai Chiweshe, affectionately known in Zimbabwe as “the queen of mbira” or “Ambuya (grandmother) Chiweshe”, passed away on 20 January 2023. Chiweshe was born in July 1946 in the rural area of Mhondoro in the Mashonaland province of northern Zimbabwe. She began playing the mbira, an ancient thumb piano,

Educational and relaxing activities for young people 

By Own Correspondent Young people like to have fun. Children and teenagers are generally curious and want to try out different things. If practiced well, some activities can be both relaxing and educational at the same time. Getting a healthy mix of the two is essential to help children become well-balanced and mature adults of

Zimbabwe joins wave of resource nationalism with ban on raw ore exports

By Isabeau van Halm In December 2022, Zimbabwe banned raw lithium ore exports to minimise the economic potential of artisanal mining and encourage investments in state-approved production facilities. Then in January 2023 another ban followed, according to the state-owned newspaper The Herald, this time for covering all base mineral ores. “No lithium-bearing ores, or unbeneficiated lithium

Why has Aviator become a money-making game for Zimbabweans?

By Own Correspondent Aviator is quickly gaining popularity around the world. Nowadays, it is especially popular in Zimbabwe. The majority of the country’s residents praise the excellent gameplay and the simple way to earn a little money. This game piqued their interest and remained a fan favourite for a reason. It is notable for its