Tichaona Zindoga

African, Chinese Thinkers Need To Be More Assertive

By Tichaona Zindoga THE increased cooperation between China and Africa should be accompanied by greater boldness and assertiveness by African and Chinese thinkers so as to fully articulate the growing relations, enhance mutual understanding between the two sides and buttress China-Africa relations as a global phenomenon. Thinkers referred to in this article could be government

Now Is The Time For The ANC’s Renewal Or Extinction

By Omry Makgoale – Daily Maverick THE recent municipal elections are a lesson to all genuine ANC members. Rampant corruption and incompetence will no longer be rewarded, ignored, or accommodated. South African voters have had enough of the malaise of corruption and mismanagement of the economy. Most ANC councillors are no longer trusted, after they

World Bank, IMF Using Flawed Logic In Quest To Do Away With Informal Sector

The Conversation Africa MANY low and middle-income countries face a myriad of challenges. But policies that can address them are few and far between. The challenges include high and rising inequality, budget crises and the ongoing pandemic. In a set of recent outputs, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) presented an approach that they

ED Looks At Turning Hwange Into A Giant Coal Hub

MSN THE government wants to turn Hwange into a coal hub, with mostly Chinese investors promising to invest up to $1-billion to build coking mines and thermal coal-based power plants. Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe has not been spared the effects of climate change, which has led to droughts and cyclone-induced floods. He said the impact of

Tony Reeler

NGOs, Terrorism, Undemocratic Private Organisations Act Amendment

By Tony Reeler IN THE wake of the landslide victory for the opposition in the recent Zambian election, Zanu-PF must be concerned about what might happen in the 2023 elections. In Zambia, a united front to prevent electoral manipulation was hugely successful and the combined force of civil society and the opposition political parties delivered

President Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe Is Set On Tackling Climate Change

By Emmerson Mnangagwa THE COP26 meeting of nations came at an extraordinary time in world history. Many countries are still battling the pandemic, its impact on public health and public finances. At the same time, the urgency of the climate crisis is forcing transformational changes to economies. The discussions over these two weeks have been

Extreme Heat Hurts Human Health, Its Effects Must Be Mitigated – Urgently

The Conversation Africa THE African continent is heating up more, and faster than other regions in the world according to the recently released State of Climate in Africa Report. By 2030, the report says up to 118 million extremely poor people will be subject to the devastating impacts of drought and intense heat. Many of

Of Palestinian Anguish And Selective Application Of International Law

By Tendai Makaripe THE global arena in which state and non-state actors interact is anarchic. Anarchy is the idea that the world lacks any supreme authority or sovereign. In an anarchic international system, there is no hierarchically superior, coercive power that can resolve disputes, enforce the law, or order the system of international politics. International

Corruption, State Capture, Not sanctions: Cause Of Zimbabwe’s Economic Meltdown

Daily Maverick THE United Nations Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights,  Alena Douhan, will undertake an official visit to Zimbabwe from 18 to 28 October 2021 following an invitation from the government of Zimbabwe. The UN Special Rapporteur’s office is established in terms of the

Farai Mutatu

How Soccer Keeps US-Based Zim Player’s Family Bond Strong

Agencies EVERYONE loves a hometown kid, especially the Michigan State Men’s Soccer team. Farai Mutatu is one of them, growing up in Haslett. He doesn’t just have a unique name, but a special story — and his life is one that hasn’t always been easy. “My family moved together in 2006 from Zimbabwe,” Mutatu said.

Israel’s Onslaught On Palestinian Media A Threat To Democratic Peace

By Tendai Makaripe NEWS reporting in conflict-riddled environments is by no means a stroll in the park. Journalists put their lives on the line so that the public is kept abreast of any novel developments regarding the conflict. Their quest to access information from conflict zones and disseminate it to the public is always a

If There Is A Hell On Earth, It Is In Gaza Today

By Tendai Makaripe ADDRESSING the UN General Assembly in May this year, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres remarked: “If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza today.” The statement was made at the height of the air and artillery bombardment by the Israeli Defence Forces in Gaza

Currency crisis, Wrangling Over Exchange Controls May Undo Economic Progress In Zimbabwe

By Ringisai Chikohomero – ISS TODAY PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s re-engagement efforts with the European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US) seem to be paying dividends — albeit on a marginal scale. In his State of the Nation address this month, he extolled these efforts and the economic achievements of his government. In his

How Socio-Economic Conditions Shape Renewable Energy Uptake

By Ellen Fungisai Chipango DEVELOPMENT in the energy sector should be guided by the improvements it makes to the livelihoods of intended beneficiaries. Zimbabwe considers renewable energy a game-changer for rural development. It sees it as an opportunity to increase access to electricity in the country’s rural areas. Currently, 83% of urban households have access to