Sentry: Genuine Inquiry Or Case Of Sour Grapes?

AFRICANS are known for rallying behind their own when he or she raises to take on the world in any discipline, be it sport, business or entrepreneurship. For instance, at the ongoing European Football Tournament, many Africans were rallying behind the French national team for the simple reason that it has the most black players

Reflections On Kenneth Kaunda’s Life, And Politicisation Of His Funeral

By Emmanuel Matambo and David Monyae The world is united in grief over the death of Kenneth Kaunda (fondly called KK), the founding president of the Republic of Zambia and one of the Founding Fathers of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU – now AU [African Union]). This is indeed a sombre and solemn page

When The Constitution Is Reduced To A Paper Tiger

By Special Correspondent WHEN President Emmerson Mnangagwa took over power from the late Robert Mugabe via a November 2017 military coup, he promised to preserve the constitution and to respect the rule of law. Less than five years into his rule, Mnangagwa has made over 27 changes to the constitution which was adopted through a

Unpacking Zim’s Ongoing Decline

Council on Foreign Relations A CURSORY glance at recent headlines from Zimbabwe could give one the impression that things are looking up. A recent World Bank report predicted growth of nearly 4 percent this year. The government took a small first step toward compensating farmers whose land was violently seized by the state decades ago. But closer

The late Kenneth Kaunda

The END OF AN ERA – A Tribute To Dr Kenneth Kaunda

By Andrew Nyathi “He was a rare human being and self-effacing African patriot who leaves behind a legacy of exemplary leadership, which should serve as a benchmark for all of the continent’s leaders.” Thabo Mbeki Foundation. While the world – Africa and Zambia in particular, are gripped by a heart wrenching loss of one of

President Emmerson Mnangagwa with Passion Java

Luke-ing The Beast In The Eye: Twabam, A Passion For Terrorism And A Deputy Who Mounts Yet Another Coup

By Luke Tamborinyoka Introduction Phew. It was a hectic week in many respects. A good week in my beloved journalism industry—a dream week for any news editor worth their salt as they were spoilt for choice when it came to the spangled banner colours for the day’s headline. From Emmerson Mnangagwa’s shameful, unfounded and evidence-free

The Security And Political Economy Dimensions Of The Mozambican Insurgency

By Wallace K Musakanyi Southern Africa was recognised for a long time as one of the most peaceful regions’ in Africa but recent events that have been transpiring in Mozambique have proved that the stability of the SADC region in general and that of Mozambique in particular is under constant threat from the violent and

Pride Mkono

Understanding Political Strongholds And Voting Patterns

By Pride Mkono There is an interesting phenomenon in electoral politics its referred to as ‘strongholds’ which basically described an electoral territory in which a party or faction enjoys solid support. Strongholds have varied characteristics for example they can be defined by geography for example rural or urban. They can also be described by class

Political Virus Infecting Africa’s Judiciary

Legal Brief IN LESOTHO, five judicial nominations by the Judicial Service Commission were refused ratification by King Letsie III in September 2020. The government eventually appointed a new JSC headed by a new Chief Justice, but even that has failed to resolve the problem: citing financial difficulties, the government has put all new appointments on

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

A New Film About Zimbabwe’s 2018 Elections Worth Watching, But Flawed

The Conversation Danish director Camilla Nielsson’s documentary President (2021) is an up-close, intimate tale. It follows the election travails of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance and its leader, Nelson Chamisa. Winner of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival’s Special Jury Award for Verité Filmmaking, the film deploys an “in the moment”

Late Robert Mugabe

How Zimbabwe is still haunted by Robert Mugabe

BBC IN OUR series of letters from Africa, Zimbabwean journalist-turned-barrister Brian Hungwe writes that long-serving ruler Robert Mugabe, who died in 2019, seems to be causing trouble from beyond the grave. Robert Mugabe’s relatives say he died a bitter man nearly two years after he was forced to hand over power to current President Emmerson

Boost Tertiary Education To Support Economic Recovery

World Bank REVITALISING Zimbabwe’s higher and tertiary education will ensure the production of highly qualified graduates and a skilled workforce. Higher education Zimbabwe needs to rapidly transform to address the deficit in the production of qualified specialists and technicians especially in the natural and applied sciences, engineering and technology, the medical and health sciences, and

Tony Reeler

Silence On Zimbabwe Makes Mockery Of SADC Core Principles

By Tony Reeler The Southern African Development Community’s perpetual silence on Zimbabwe speaks louder than the words it occasionally utters about human rights and the rule of law. Its acquiescence in the face of serial violations of the SADC Treaty makes a mockery of all its members and leaves the citizens of Zimbabwe at the

Covid Vaccines A Tough Sell, Chinese Origin Not Helping

Global Press Journal AS A nurse at a private clinic, Jubilee Ngwenya had a front-row seat to the fear the coronavirus pandemic wrought. Yet when vaccine doses from China arrived here in February, the 27-year-old hesitated. Could she trust a vaccine from the country where the pandemic started? One that, at the time, hadn’t earned

Samantha 'Gonyeti' Kureya

Zim Female Stand-Up Comedians Talk About Sex, Patriarchy

By Amanda Kallstig – The Conversation IN 2019, Zimbabwean comedy made international news when comedian Samantha Kureya, known on stage as Gonyeti, was abducted and tortured by masked gunmen. She is one of many comedians in Zimbabwe who have faced violent repercussions for their comedy. Interviewing 23 stand-up comedians in Zimbabwe in 2018 and 2019,