Tapiwanashe Chiriga

Ok Emerson lets pray!

By Tapiwanashe Chiriga Dear Emerson Mnangagwa, I am told that you have declared the 15th of June 2020 a day of fasting, prayer and supplication for Zimbabwe, the land I love with passion. It almost surprised me that you could ask hungry people impoverished by your ruthless, intentionally destructive and fatally directionless policies whose only

A coup or no a coup?

By Alex Magaisa  That is the question presently doing the rounds among Zimbabweans following a bizarre press conference in Harare today at which the National Security Council issued a statement denying rumours of a military coup. The statement, entitled “concerning widespread rumours of an imminent coup d’etat in Zimbabwe”, said the government had noted “a recent upsurge in rumours

Gorden Moyo

Establish Covid-19 National Trust Fund

By Gorden Moyo Noting that the coronavirus pandemic has already upended the public health care system, eroded the livelihoods of millions of people and deepened the economic headwinds across the country; Realising that when the Covid-19 virus landed on the shores of Zimbabwe, the country was already sinking under the weight of its worst economic

Zim Govt Views Covid-19 Crisis As Opportunity To Loot New Donor Funds

By Thandekile Moyo BECAUSE of state capture, it would be a grave mistake for any entity to lend money to the Zimbabwean government right now as it would go straight to the pockets of the ruling elite as well as to funding repression and terrorist acts against the people of Zimbabwe. For the longest time,

Tapiwanashe Chiriga

57 years on…. Zinasu celebrates Africa Day

By Tapiwanashe Chiriga Happy Africa Day! The 25th of May is always a special day to celebrate Africa. Today marks 57 years since the formation of the giant Organization of African Unity now African Union. It is also a day to celebrate the tireless works of Henry Sylvester Williams, William Edward Burghardt DuBois, Kwame Nkrumah,

Abductions, Brutality, Demolitions: When The State Becomes More Harmful Than Covid-19

By Simbarashe Gukurume ARE repressive governments more threatening to their citizens than COVID-19? Simbabrashe Gukurume, in this incisive article shows how Zimbabweans are more likely to be killed and have their sources of livelihood destroyed by the government than by COVID-19. Authoritarian regimes are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to entrench their power and control.

Cases Of Torture In Zimbabwe: Six Years After The Torture Docket Case

By Atilla Kisla TORTURE, one of the most horrendous violations of a person’s human rights, appears to have become a sad reality of life in Zimbabwe. Over the past week there has been international coverage of the abduction and gruesome torture of three opposition party youth leaders. The International Court of Justice considers the prohibition

Beatrice Mtetwa

Beatrice Mtetwa’s Open Letter To President Emmerson Mnangagwa

By Beatrice Mtetwa I ADDRESS you as the head of all government institutions in Zimbabwe. I address you as the man who appointed each one of the persons who head our government institutions. In particular, you appointed the Commander of our Defence Forces, the Commissioner-General of our Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Minister in Charge of

Author, Nomazulu Thata

Tribalism: UK has become Zimbabwe’s tribal tower

By Nomazulu Thata                                                                             The MDC sings from Zanu PF’s hymn books without shame when it comes to tribalism. How do you replicate a party you are opposing in all aspects of its operations? MDC is comfortable with tribal allocation of party positions determined by ethnic demography. Nothing challenges these tribal outfits and tribal inclinations: ability,

John Masuku

How a Media NGO Changed the COVID-19 Narrative in Zimbabwe

By John Masuku When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Zimbabwe, state accountability and access to accurate, up-to-date information were poor. An investigative and developmental journalism group shook up the government, forcing them to respond better, and more responsibly. Alarm bells were rung in Zimbabwe when, in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the infection claimed

Author...Nomazulu Thata

Unfettered privileges and entitlements of an African boy-child

By Nomazulu Thata                                                                             Who has ever seen an anxious mother at the delivery ward? She is frightened, anxiety in her eyes is telling the same old story we know. The thought of giving birth to a girl can even affect the birth pains. She knows what it means to take a girl-child home, she knows

Author...Alex Magaisa

BSR: Concerning the recall of MDC Alliance MPs

By Alex T. Magaisa When I wrote last week’s BSR on the issue of recalling Members of Parliament from Parliament, I was oblivious of the fact that the issue was already before the legislative body. Today, Parliament was convened to announce that four (4) MPs of the MDC Alliance have been recalled in terms of

Author...Nomazulu Thata

Julius Sello Malema; das Drama des hochbegabten Kindes

Nomazulu Thata                                                                                         The son of the soil is Juju. The youthful South African politician Julius Malema was born in 1981 in Transvaal province. Malema was not even born when Zimbabwe got independence in 1980 and he was barely 10 years when Mandela was released from Robin Island Prison in 1990. Like all black South Africans,

Author...Tichaona Zindoga

Shingi Munyeza is right, Zim needs to break the strangleholds

By Tichaona Zindoga Businessman, pastor and member of President Mnangagwa’s Advisory Committee, Shingi Munyeza, made a powerful statement recently, centred on “breaking strangleholds”. He argued that the country had suffered 40 years of stagnation and needed to break the strangleholds and allow for a new generation and culture that would lift the country. His message