Women make up most of the vendors in Zimbabwe's urban centres and harassment is rife

Women; deliberately shut out or are part of the problem: Celebrating 16 Days of Activism

By Margaret Chinowaita SINCE the time I started working as a journalist, I have heard women complaining about this phenomenon. I have always questioned who shuts that door, who is supposed to open it for women, why is the phenomenon more prevalent in women? Initially I did not believe it. Thought it was make-believe and

Author...Alex Magaisa

Big Saturday Read: Two years after the coup – Part 1

By Alex Magaisa This month, the month of November, marks two years since Zimbabwe’s former leader, Robert Mugabe lost power to his long-time ally and lieutenant Emmerson Mnangagwa in a coup which was orchestrated by military commanders. We shall be doing a series of papers based on thematic areas to assess the performance of the

It’s time to engage Zimbabwe with a view to lifting sanctions

By David Monyae Why is Zimbabwe’s economic crisis persisting and the economic sanctions applied by the western countries not lifted? After all, President Robert Mugabe has long ago left the political stage and subsequently passed on. Like South Africa, Zimbabwe had a significant number of white farmers, who not only dominated the political scene up

Sorry, but the West isn’t responsible for Zim’s continuing economic collapse

By Jon Temin, Alexander Noyes and Mark Bellamy  The countries of southern Africa have declared Oct. 25 to be “Zimbabwe Solidarity Day” in protest of Western sanctions. Unfortunately for Zimbabwe’s struggling citizens, though, this act of “solidarity” isn’t directed at them. It is being offered instead to Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, whose human rights abuses and widespread corruption

Can Zimbabwe’s tainted elite be trusted with windfall from ivory trade?

TRTworld While Zimbabweans would want CITES to lift ban on ivory trade, they however cannot trust the thoroughly corrupt ruling elite to manage the possible windfall for the benefit of ordinary citizens and the wildlife. President Emmerson Mnangagwa reacted with fury to the recent decision by the Geneva-based Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

Dr Noah Manyika

Zimbabwe’s future is in new thinking, new blood and new faces

By Noah Manyika IT is not possible to spend a couple of hours touring the USS North Carolina (one of the most decorated battleships of World War II and a marvel of engineering built over 80 years ago) without being reminded of the achievement gap between us and other nations, and the radical transformation of

Cost of data in Zimbabwe remains lowest in the region

TechnoMag Zimbabwe’s RTGS currency is crushing! Crushing so fast that if there is no immediate solution to this, we are soon going to be removing zeros again. This is the elephant in the room we must all be focusing on. We have all complained about the cost of living and yes, communication as well, citing

Zanu PF and Umkhonto we Sizwe, a less than cosy relationship

Daily Maverick Despite eulogies by Cyril Ramaphosa and Thabo Mbeki after his death, the historical records show Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF even collaborated with the old apartheid government to keep the ANC’s military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) out of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF and South Africa’s old National Party government were publicly sworn enemies. Privately,

Takudzwanashe Mundenga

Mnangagwa a President with no Audience

By Takudzwanashe Mundenga President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s 74th United Nations General Assembly address in a hall bereft of the audience recently has raised eyebrows towards his inarticulacy and lack of appeal. Comparing the audiences that used to pay attention to Robert Mugabe speechifying to Mnangagwa’s no-show, the SABC News’s United Nations correspondent, Sherwin Bryce-Pease laughed amusingly

Furore over burial of National Heroes divides funeral industry

By Nathan Chikara THE conferment of the National Hero Status has more often than not caused sparks to fly in Zimbabwe’s deeply polarised communities. The divisive multi-million dollar question has always been, Who deserves to be interred at the National Shrine? Across the country’s funeral sector, a different debate is causing emotions to run high

Alex Magaisa

Big Saturday Read: The question of political reforms

By Alex Magaisa THERE are very few critiques of the troubles afflicting Zimbabwe that do not end with a call for political reforms. The opposition party calls for political reforms. Critics of government warn that prospects of economic recovery will remain remote unless there are political reforms. Western governments, which remain highly critical of the

By Crosby T. Pamberi

Part 2 – Zimbabweans – What The Heck Is Going On?

By Crosby T. Pamberi Quit wakin’ up thinking that you ain’t got no say-so in your life, Somebody in here is gonna get fired. Somebody in here is gonna get an eviction notice. Somebody’s company is gonna close… That’s life! Somebody you love is gonna break up with you. THAT’S LIFE! Life is 10% what

Late former President Robert Mugabe

The good, bad and ugly legacy of Robert Mugabe

By Marshall Bwanya FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s legacy is a complex, contested terrain with divergent views and opinions. In his legacy lies the good, bad and ugly. He was a multi-faceted individual that cannot be dissected at face value. No individual can disqualify his contribution to the liberation of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.

Late former President Robert Mugabe

Debate on the legacy of Mugabe misplaced

By Geraldine Sibanda As l heard about Robert Mugabe’s death, l felt nothing. Nothing at all. No pain. No sadness. No anger. Nothing. I could not explain this feeling until l figured out, it was because he deserves nothing. Feeling an emotion, any emotion would be giving him too much credit. The common thread about

Late former President Robert Mugabe always had the last laugh

Robert Mugabe; an opportunist, ambitious failure who hijacked a people’s revolution

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Born in 1924, Robert Gabriel Mugabe became one of Zimbabwe’s most talked about nationalists. Much of the publicity surrounding the name Robert Mugabe took place from around 1960, when he was voted as Secretary General of the National Democratic Party [NDP] at its first Congress in October 1960. The NDP had been

Late former President Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe obituary

The Guardian As the armoured vehicles rolled in to Harare in November 2017, after weeks of political fencing and brinksmanship, Robert Mugabe could not believe he had lost. The senior military leadership who placed the Zimbabwean president under house arrest made it clear they were conducting the politest of coups, while stressing to the outside