Former Vice President Kembo Mohadi

Who Gains From The Public Shaming Of Kembo Mohadi?

The Africa Report Zimbabwe’s second Vice President Kembo Mohadi was caught in a kompromat trap. Recordings of phone calls full of lurid sexual banter, thanks to intercepts that were almost certainly the work of a state intelligence agency, were faithfully reproduced on the Zimlive online news site in a series of salacious stories over the

The Brutality Of March 11, 2007 Remembered

By Arthur Mutambara The Genesis Meanwhile, back in Zimbabwe, the struggle continues. The Save Zimbabwe Campaign (SZC) is a broad coalition of organisations spearheaded by the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (CA). Its members include the factions of the MDC, other opposition parties, church groups, civil rights groups and trade unions. The campaign’s aims include the restoration

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube

Zimbabwe Reaches ‘The End Of The Beginning’

By Mthuli Ncube IN NOVEMBER 1942, following the Second Battle of El Alamein in Egypt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill stood to address the House of Commons. After three long years of war, characterised by difficulties and retreats, in which British forces were forced from continental Europe and from much of South-East Asia, Churchill was

Ibbo Mandaza

Stop Expecting The Impossible – Take Action Now: Ibbo Mandaza

By Ibbo Mandaza – Daily Maverick ZIMBABWE, a state increasingly based and surviving on the strength of military-security machinery, will not reform itself out of power. We need to acknowledge that the crisis has to be resolved through the agency of consultations. This process must be initiated at the national level, facilitated by South Africa,

We Need To Talk More About Consent In Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe is part of the movement of women and girls around the world who are demanding that their voices are heard and are at the core of decisions about their bodies. Zimbabwe is marking SheDecides Day, the global day of activism driving change for bodily autonomy on 2 March, by recording a digital conversation and

AU Needs A Reality Check

New Frame THE African Union (AU) set a target to silence guns on the continent by the end of 2020. The failure to achieve this ambition can partly be attributed to its indifference to the aspirations of many people on the continent, especially the youth. Since the AU was officially founded on 9 July 2002

Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love’s Life Of Multitudes

New Frame THE late Zimdancehall musician was part of a generation of originators who, from the Jamaican idiom and format, created a grammar of ghetto pain and resilience. In mapping out the legacy of Soul Jah Love, the Zimdancehall star who died last week at 31 of diabetes complications, one naturally has to go to

Arthur Mutambara

On The Landing Of NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Robot

By Prof Arthur G.O. Mutambara – Visiting Professor, University of Johannesburg An Inspiration for African Unity THE US NASA Perseverance Rover safely landed on Mars on 18 February 2021 after a 470.7 million-kilometre-journey from Earth, which it began on 30 July 2020. The robotic vehicle landed itself flawlessly in Mars’s Jezero Crater. The Scientific Objectives

Author...Nomazulu Thata

African ‘Dead Aid’ Will Stop Within 5 Years: Part Two

By Nomazulu Thata                                                                       In part one I concentrated on Dr. Dambisa’s “Dead Aid” book she passionately wrote in 2009 highlighting the need for Africa to shift its focus away from foreign aid and instead, seeking solutions that are sustainable to the economy of Africa and other aspects of development: solutions that bring dignity to the

Tobacco Contract Farming ‘Modern Day Slavery’

Tobacco contract farming in Zimbabwe does not benefit the ordinary farmer , as it turns farmers into slaves to enrich the Contracting Companies. Farmers are turned into disguised workers for the contracting companies and they are always in credit living them without surplus money to recapitalize and survive. The contracting companies do not give farmers

Author...Nomazulu Thata

AID To Africa Is Dead Aid: It Must Be Stopped. Part One

By Nomazulu Thata                                                                       We need to ask ourselves critical questions; is foreign aid good for Africa? What purpose is it intended for? Is aid helping the people it is intended to assist in alleviating hunger and poverty in African communities? When did foreign aid to Africa start? Why is there still abject poverty of unimaginable

The late Morgan Tsvangirai

Tribute To Morgan Tsvangirai

Luke-ing the Beast in the Eye By Luke Tamborinyoka Introduction THIS Sunday, 14 February 2021 marks the third anniversary of the death of Morgan Tsvangirai, the icon of our time. Morgan Tsvangirai loved his country and it may have been epiphanic that he died on Valentine day; on the day that the consuming power of

Vincent Tsvangirai

Vincent Tsvangirai’s Response To Alex Magaisa

By Vincent Tsvangirai MP HAVING gone through a lot of Alex Magaisa’s recent articles, it is fair that a response by a Zimbabwean youth is given. After the disastrous 2013 election the MDC-T family and its president Morgan Tsvangirai woke up to see a picture of Alex Magaisa, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and other G40

How Zimbabwe’s Cartels Extract ‘Rent’ From The Poor

By Maverick Citizen THE publication by Maverick Citizen of the Report on Cartel Power Dynamics in Zimbabwe has raised some important questions about the presence and impact of cartels in Zimbabwe in particular and Southern Africa in general. The report finds that there is consensus across political parties, academics, and wider society that cartels “go

Dennis Wilson’s Influence On Zimbabwean Reggae

New Frame IN A tribute to the late radio deejay, Percy Zvomuya considers the contributions of Bob Marley, Thomas Mapfumo and Wilson to the country’s Zimdancehall and popular culture. When Zimbabwe’s popular culture historians sit down one day to determine the biggest influences on the Zimdancehall reggae subgenre, it will be difficult to discount the