Cattle Buyer Assists Police In Arresting Two Cattle Rustlers

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By Tonderai Saharo

AN ALERT cattle buyer in Mwenezi district helped the police to apprehend two cattle rustlers who had terrorised villagers in the area when they failed to produce stock cards for their herd.

The buyer, Telous Gumbo, had paid Abel Marimire (26) of Utete Village, and Martin Mugadza (29) of Macharagwa Village both under Chief Maranda in Mwenezi, R12 000 for the cattle.

The two appeared before Mwenezi Magistrate Honesty Musiiwa who found them guilty after a full trial and sentenced each to a nine-year jail term.

The court heard Gumbo and Marimire two stole two heifers and two steers from Emilia Moyo’s kraal then sold them for R12 000 to a Mberengwa cattle buyer at Mananga Market in Maranda.

The cattle buyer, Gumbo from Chief Mapiravana in Mberengwa told the court he bought the four cattle from the duo.

However, after buying the beasts, he demanded the stock cards and the two men promised to go and collect them as they had forgotten them at home.

However, they did not return and switched off their mobile phones prompting Gumbo to spend the night waiting for two in Mwenezi.

Their luck ran out the next morning when Gumbo met the complainant’s relative Patrick Thabo, who was looking for the missing cattle and he told him he had just bought the missing livestock from Mugadza and Marimire leading to their arrest.

Prosecutor Leyton Katsidzira told the court that on February 18, 2021, at Macharaga Village, Emilia Moyo secured her cattle in a kraal at around 6 pm.

The following morning, she discovered that four beasts were missing.

She reported the matter to the police and a search party was launched leading to the cattle being found in the custody of Gumbo.