CBZ executives in Coventry, Diaspora accounts, loans, mortgage, funeral insurance opportunities on offer

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ARE you a Zimbabwean based in the UK and you need to open a current or business account back home to access loans, mortgages, health insurance and funeral insurance services?
If so, CBZ Holdings could be an answer to your needs.
The bank is looking to the diaspora for new opportunities and is engaging with the UK diaspora and launching finance products directly targeting UK diaspora.  
Group CEO Never Nyemudzo, Laura Gwatiringa-Exec Marketing & Corporate , Joey Shumbamhini , Executive Marketing and Sales Executive will be part of the bank’s delegation to the Business Ideas Group (BIG Network) organised event in Coventry on the 31st of October 2015.
According to organisers, the event will be held at Ramada Hotel and there will be unlimited hot drinks, parking, networking and a three course meal all at the cost £ 40 per individual. 
“Part of this trip is to establish long term customers and customer relationships and facilitate needs on the ground in Zimbabwe.
“It is well established that the diaspora remittances are closer to $2b a year and finance institutions are finding ways to benefit from this flow of capital,” organisers said in a statement to
According to CBZ Holdings, they are promoting some UK diaspora targeted financial products, which are flexible, easy to access and with low rates.
These products include loans, mortgages, current accounts, business accounts, health insurance and funeral insurance specifically made for those living in the UK wanting to buy policies for family and friends back home. 
Those interested are being encouraged to bring proof of residence, proof of income, work permit, valid I’d and passport photos.
“People can still come and apply for any of the products even if they do not bring all of the highlighted products,” the statement said.
The event was organised by the Business Ideas Group Network (BIG Network).
BIG is a network of passionate, creative and innovative entrepreneurs whose collective goal is to “dream big and pursue big dreams”.
The network was founded in May 2015. Since its inception, it has grown to a membership of 650 members, and continues to grow.
Members include doctors, lawyers, engineers, property investors, nurses, social workers and many other professionals.Advertisement

Membership is free, and members benefit from networking, connecting, accessing opportunities, expand customer base, gain free knowledge, mentorship and personal and business growth.
BIG holds regular open events along chosen subject areas whose aim is to facilitate individual and collective access to opportunities. Members have interests in various opportunities and sectors.
Speaking ahead of the Saturday event, B.I.G founder and Chairman, Danai Gombera, said it is “inspiring to dream big dreams and also an exciting challenge to pursue the big dreams”.
He added, “We have a day packed with brilliant guest speakers, opportunities to network and connect. The theme for this event is Opportunities in Property and Healthcare. Other key speakers include Dr. Brighton Chireka, Patrick Cheza, Blessed Kapesa, Hillary Chindodo and Shingi Kamanga.”