CCC activists bail hearing kicks-off, request for camera proceedings trashed

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By Staff Reporter

THE request by Justice for Children lawyers, representing a minor who is among the 25 Citizens Coalition for Change’s (CCC) activists accused of unlawful gathering, to have the 17-year-old separated from the group has been dismissed.

Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda also dismissed the lawyer’s request to have the matter heard in camera.

The minor was however excused from the current bail hearing and was remanded to February 3 for her routine remand.

Dzuda ruled the minor will not suffer any prejudice if excused from the current proceedings.

“She will join the other accused on the same date, she suffers no prejudice if she is excused from proceedings at this point.”

“This case is going to be held in an open court and the gallery will not be cleared” she said.

Bail hearing for the 25 activists began with the Investigating Officer George Garauzive testifying.

He claimed that the activists acted against the constitution by not seeking clearance to hold their meeting.

Garauzive insisted that they disturbed the peace of the general public as they were “violent and intolerant.”

“They resisted arrest as a group and not as individuals” he said.

The activists were arrested at CCC legislator Costa Machingauta’s house in Budiriro, where they were having their private meeting.

Bail hearing is ongoing.