CCC candidates selection kicks off; Biti endorses Chamisa for presidency

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By Darlington Gatsi

OPPOSITION Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) will Wednesday commence its candidate selection process with senior members of the party already endorsing Nelson Chamisa as the preferred presidential candidate for this year’s elections.

CCC will select candidates to represent the party for presidency, senate, parliament, council, youth and women’s quota.

CCC has dumped the traditional primary elections to select its candidates preferring what they have termed ‘citizens consensus’.

The opposition argues the traditional primary elections create room for infiltration.

Addressing the media Tuesday CCC deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba announced a panel that will be responsible for the selection process.

“Fellow Zimbabweans, interested parties, stakeholders, observers, we have set what we call a consensus independent selection panel which is basically going to be selecting and running this process in terms of making sure that the people reflect their will. The panel is drawn out of competent individuals in communities, in civic spaces, political movements and so forth,” said Siziba.

Rashid Mahiya will lead the panel that will oversee the candidate selection process.

Political observers have raised concerns over the selection saying it has its pitfalls in the nomination stages.

However Siziba said the process will be held in a transparent manner representing the interests of communities.

“We have set a robust and transparent process that will ensure that only the best candidates will represent us as presidential candidate senators, members of parliament, councillors, proportional representatives and young people. We have deployed our technical teams and leaders to different parts of the country.

“The center of this consensus candidate selection is our rhythm that is about putting citizens back at the center. So we make the emphasis because we believe that our processes must be reflective of the collective will of citizens in different parts of the country,” added Siziba.

Aspiring candidates have already flooded constituencies canvassing for support.

CCC interim deputy president Tendai Biti has endorsed Chamisa to stand as the presidential candidate.

Chamisa will likely waltz through the nomination process unchallenged giving him a second bite of the cherry to contest against Zanu PF’s candidate President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Tomorrow citizens nominate servants to stand as candidates in this year’s plebiscite & to serve for the next five years. We only have one candidate for the position of President. Our champion in chief Advocate Nelson Chamisa God bless Zimbabwe,”  said Biti in a tweet.