CCC councillor backs Zanu PF MP’s campaign in Silobela; he is best candidate for constituency

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By Staff Reporter

A CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) councillor Willard Moyo shocked attendants at a prize giving day in Silobela after encouraging parents to vote for rival Zanu PF’s Mthokozisi Manoki-Mpofu at next year’s elections.

Moyo, who is a Zibagwe Rural District Council (RDC) councillor defended his statement, arguing citizens should vote for candidates who are not always in electoral mode but have time for development issues like Manoki-Mpofu.

Manoki-Mpofu is the incumbent Member Of Parliament (MP).

The two were attending a prize giving ceremony at Donsa Primary School in Silobela.

“I thanked the MP for attending our prize giving day. He donated a lot of things to our school, we worked together to have clean water at our clinic and schools, we worked together to have electricity in my ward,” said Moyo.

“Regardless of our political differences he was able to work with me in development. So I thanked him for that.

“I even encouraged people to vote for such leadership in the coming elections. Yes, I said people must vote for an MP like him who is not always political.

“He is able to disengage the political gear and engage in development gear with other people from different political backgrounds. We are tired of people who want to be MPs and divide people on political grounds.”

In his address, Moyo said that the constituency in question had Abedinigo Malinga and Anadi Silulu who never came back to the people after clinching tickets to the august house.

Manoki-Mpofu said he was surprised by the comments considering rivalry between the two political parties, which at times has spilt blood.

““I was surprised, everyone was surprised when he told people that he had never met an MP like me who always comes back to the people. He warned his supporters not to vote for people who will not come back to them after elections. He said even if we are in different parties he thought I was worth his vote.”