CCC MPs calling me every hour, every minute begging not to be recalled – claims Tshabangu

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By Staff Reporter

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) self-proclaimed secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu has claimed that elected party legislators have reached out to him to cease recalls adding that his office is set to reshuffle the set up in parliament.

Tshabangu, according to party leader Nelson Chamisa is a non-member who usurped power.

He has so far recalled 24 CCC publicly elected party officials from Parliament, Senate and Council.

In the latest video circulating on social media, Tshabangu said CCC MPs were calling him day and night, trying to secure their seats in Parliament.

“They (CCC MPs) are actually calling me every day, every hour, every minute that SG please don’t recall us we will take whatever you say and we are prepared to work with you,” said Tshabangu.

“So I didn’t sleep last night because members of parliament were reaching out and I promised them that look as long as you know that you were in that position elected by the people you were not there in that position illegally, you are safe.

“But if you know that you paid up people for you to get into that position unfortunately my office is going visit you,” he added.

Earlier last month, Chamisa ordered MPs and councillors to disengage from official business for 14 days, while threatening to completely pull out of parliament and councils if the recalled members were not reinstated.

Tshabangu has however challenged this position saying CCC will not disengage lest they create an unnecessary constitutional crisis.

“We can’t disengage, we can’t create constitutional crisis unnecessarily. So if there are any problems we will discuss with members of parliament we will whip them into line we will consult them, we are going to reshuffle.

“In fact, we are going to reshuffle the set up in parliament, who is going to be the chief whip, we are going to have a fresh coccus, who is going to be the leader of the house, who is going to be the leader of that committee.

“We are going to have a reshuffle because those people had positioned themselves there without consultation, broader consultation of the movement so things are going to change,” he said.

MP for Pelandaba-Tshabalala and CCC deputy spokesperson, Ostallos Siziba scoffed  at Tshabangu’s comments saying fellow legislators were not deployed by the self-imposed SG.

“We can’t pretend to be confused for convenience. We were never deployed to parliament by Tshabangu. That is a fact known by him and those who associate with him.

“Principles matter especially in this protracted struggle for democracy. Parliament to me is a zone of struggle and not a career. As long as the Citizens have not recalled me l worry not because it’s them who voted for me under a CCC that was and is led by President Nelson Chamisa,” said Siziba.

Recalled former MP for Cowdray Park, Pashor Sibanda said CCC will not surrender to political ‘vultures’.

“We will not surrender the victory of our people to political vultures, hoaxers and imposters in whatever form or shape,” wrote Sibanda on X.