CCC now claims it doesn’t have money for congress

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By Mandipa Masenyama

THE Citizens Coalition for Change’s (CCC) now claims the only reason it will not be holding an elective congress anytime soon is because it does not have money.

The party’s secretary general, Charlton Hwende said a congress requires large sums of money which they do not have.

Hwende’s claims come barely a week after deputy spokesperson, Ostallos Siziba claimed the new party had decided to do away with a congress because it feared infiltration by Zanu PF.

Hwende said: “The two biggest cost centres in a political party are: 1. Congress 2. General Elections. There is no sane party that holds both events in the same year because to have a congress for CCC you need US$2 million and an election, a minimum of USD$150 million. Politics is a very expensive game.”

“We are less than 12 months before an election,  and the three critical priority areas are 1. Voter registration 2 Candidates selection and polling agents training 3. Fundraising,” Hwende said.

Siziba last week advised Zanu PF and rival MDC Alliance to go ahead and conduct their congresses without minding the CCC’s way of doing business.

He claimed they were being pushed by elements bent on infiltrating their formation, and had agreed to scrap it in totality.

Former cabinet minister, Jonathan Moyo, has in the past days mocked the Nelson Chamisa led party’s decision not to go for congress.

“(Before By-Elections) THEM: We are a new party with no constitution and no ideology. We have no officials but one; all other positions are vacant!

“(After By-Elections) THEM: We have no vacancies, no congress before 2023 polls. We want to win power!

“PUBLIC EYE: Suit yourselves,” Moyo tweeted.