CCC supporter killed following attack by Zanu PF activists, eyewitnesses give accounts; opposition demands ‘swift’ prosecution

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By Reason Razao | Senior Reporter

WITH 19 days left till the general elections, political violence has once again reared its ugly head casting a dark shadow over the Glen View community.

Following the brutal murder of one Tinashe Chitsunge, a member of the opposition Citizens Coalition, Thursday police arrested two suspects saying efforts are underway to apprehend more suspects.

When this publication arrived at the crime scene around 6 pm, Chitsunge’s body was still lying in the street.

Stones were strewn all over the place entailing the battle that took the opposition supporter’s life.

The crime scene tape demarcated the area where the body lay, and scores of people observed from a distance as the authorities discharged their procedural protocols before removing the body.

They (the police) then proceeded to capture statements from CCC members and other witnesses who were with the victim moments before he died.

According to eyewitnesses and party members, CCC was scheduled to have a rally that had been authorized by the police at Tanaka Ground.

Tanaka is a newly settled area, with most of the people having invaded virgin land after a go-ahead from the ruling party.

As part of drumming up support for Churu candidate, Traswel Chikomo who is contesting against Zanu PF’s Ephraim Fundukwa, CCC members from Glen View South offered to distribute flyers notifying the public of their intention to hold a political meeting.

Churu and Glen View South constituencies are merely separated by roads.

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According to eyewitnesses, after getting wind of the planned CCC rally, Zanu PF mobilized its supporters and gathered at the grounds claiming they were hosting a soccer tournament as early as 6 am.

CCC engaged police who told Zanu PF supporters to vacate the grounds, some officers unwittingly revealed.

“But in the morning they were told that the ground had been booked. We even laughed and said what kind of a soccer tournament that starts at 6 am,” said one officer addressing his colleague.

He added that Zanu PF supporters had bulldozed the police decision saying if the CCC rally was starting at 10 am, their tournament would be over by then.

Chitsunge was one of the people taping campaign posters on trees and poles, as evidenced by a roll of sellotape around his hand on pictures making the rounds on social media.

While distributing their fliers, Chitsunge and others were confronted by a mob of Zanu PF supporters who defaced their posters, before they started pelting them with stones.

As some members took shelter at different residential dwellings, tragedy struck.

Some were left nursing serious injuries with one having sustained a broken leg while others fled and sought medical attention back home.

Chitsunge is survived by his wife and two minor children.

Some CCC members, who commented on the basis of anonymity said Zanu PF aspiring candidate for Churu ferried his party supporters to Tanaka Ground.

Prior to Zanu PF gathering at Tanaka grounds, there had been reports of some Churu ruling party groups circulating messages threatening to unleash an orgy of violence.

CCC aspiring MP for Glen View South, Grandmore Hakata, said the party was distributing campaign fliers in Glen View 7, near Tanaka when some Zanu PF supporters started pelting them with stones.

CCC spokesperson said the murder of Chitsunge dents the country’s democracy.

“It’s not a crime to wear yellow or be a member of CCC. He was murdered in cold blood today by the usual merchants of violence. No person should be killed for their politics. This marks a dark stain on our democracy,” Mahere said.