CCC’s Chamisa admits supporters are now restive but says party “must not walk on dead bodies to State House”

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By Reason Razao | Senior Reporter

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa has admitted that the party’s support base is growing impatient owing to recent recalls by one Sengezo Tshabangu.

Chamisa who has been on the receiving end of criticism over his ‘God is in it’ stance acknowledged that the party’s patience will cost more time and lead to questioning of the opposition’s integrity and credentials.

The CCC leader, speaking in an interview with Sources News Media Agency, insisted that he will maintain a peaceful course in pursuit of unseating Zanu PF.

“I know that there’s a growing impatience at the base of the support base. We have said to them, trust the process, it is important to know that this is not a Chamisa struggle,” said Chamisa.

“It’s not a leader’s struggle, it’s a people’s struggle. Every citizen has a role to play and I can say get ready, mobilize organize, let’s talk to each other and do everything we have to do peacefully praying peacefully, acting peacefully.

“Making sure that we are able to democratically and politically engage peacefully,” the CCC leader added.

Critics in recent weeks have dismissed Chamisa’s tactics saying there was a need for decisive action following the recalls of CCC MPs and councillors.

Tshabangu, whom Chamisa described as an impostor being imposed on CCC as ‘interim secretary general’ recently recalled 15 lawmakers from parliament.

Following the recalls and announcement of vacancies by the Speaker of Parliament, President Emmerson Mnangagwa proclaimed December 9 as the day for by-elections.

The self-styled secretary general, further made council and senate recalls before proceeding to appoint himself and two other individuals authorized signatories of nomination papers in the upcoming by-elections.

In response to the events, Chamisa said he would not engage in protests.

“We have ailments that we have sustained because of this struggle. You know perennial headaches because of the attacks, you know the airport attack and just for myself but there are many others, some have even died,” said Chamisa.

“So it’s coming at a cost but what we are not going to do is to cost a life because of politics. For us, we don’t believe that we must walk on dead bodies on our way to state house.

“I don’t believe that yes it’s going to cost more on our time, more on our effort, more even on our integrity and credentials but peace is the high road. We must smoke a peace pipe for Zimbabwe so that we have a free country for everyone,” he added.