CEO Round Table Conference Kicks Off

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Matabeleland North Correspondent

THE seventh edition of the CEO Africa Roundtable opened in Victoria Falls Wednesday with Industry and Commerce Minister Sekai Nzenza challenging business to up their game and meet international market needs.

Business leaders and influencers from across Africa region are attending the annual event which is going under the theme: “Charting the Recovery Curve, Building Momentum-Crashing Barriers, Creating Impact.”

Last year the event was not held because of the effects of Covid-19 which has also seen a limited number attending this year.

“This has come as a rude awakening to businesses in general and you CEOs and business leaders/influencers are expected to adapt to the new norm of doing business. The global business environment has changed and requires smart CEOs, who are futuristic and ready to move our continent towards creating the Africa we want,” Nzenza said.

“Let me emphasise the need to centre discussions on how businesses will adopt new technological environments and enhance efficiency and quality in view of stiffer market competition that is going to be brought by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) that is in force now.

“The ACFTA is here to stay and is expected to boost intra-Africa trade as it aims to liberalize trade across the African continent. It is also anticipated that it will deepen competitiveness at industry level, of which you are the leaders, through enhancing production, market access, and a more efficient allocation of resources as industry moves up the value chains,” said Nzenza.

She said the government is committed to improving the business operating environment in the country through Zimbabwe is open for Business and the Ease of Doing Business reforms.

“There is therefore a need for business executives to exploit the business environment that the country offers and expand your network of top-level business contacts, find new financial and business partners as well as becoming champions in the development of the continent’s private sector.

“This platform also offers you an opportunity to network with policy makers and forge new partnerships that will enable you CEOs to gain competitive advantage in this challenging business environment across the globe,” she added.

Nzenza said the government is implementing various initiatives anchored on the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) blueprint whose objective is to transform the economy through enhanced productivity in an environment that is private sector driven.

She urged CEOs to develop greater resilience and stay a leg up in terms of competition.

The conference ends Friday.